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Authors: Véronique Massardier-Jourdan, David Colas, Jacques Merlin

Abstract: The thermoelectric power (or TEP) technique was used to determine the segregation kinetics of the interstitial atoms (C or N) to the...

Authors: Koh Ichi Sugimoto, Mitsuhiro Itoh, Tomohiko Hojo, Shunichi Hashimoto, Shushi Ikeda, Goro Arai
Authors: Ilana B. Timokhina, Elena V. Pereloma, Peter D. Hodgson

Abstract: The effect of pre-straining (PS) and bake-hardening (BH) on the microstructure and mechanical properties has been studied in C-Mn-Si...

Authors: L. Zhao, Niels H. van Dijk, E.R. Peekstok, O. Tegus, Ekkes Brück, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: The present work investigates the influence of phosphorus addition on the size distribution of retained austenite in TRIP steels containing...

Authors: M.J. Merwin

Abstract: The development of TRansformation Induced Plasicity (TRIP) steels has seen much activity in recent years, due to the promise of very high...

Authors: Stéphane Godet, C. Georges, Pascal J. Jacques

Abstract: TRIP-assisted multiphase steels exhibit an excellent balance of strength and ductility, which makes them very attractive for the automotive...

Authors: F. Fazeli, Matthias Militzer

Abstract: Using physical concepts, an integrated transformation model to describe the kinetics of ferrite and bainite formation from work-hardened...

Authors: Claudio Guarnaschelli, P. Folgarait, E. Paravicini Bagliani, R. Demarchi, H. Desimone

Abstract: Steel pipes for hydraulic cylinders have to offer high strength levels and good toughness. A minimum value of 27 J at – 20 °C is typically...

Authors: Masayuki Wakita, Yoshitaka Adachi, Yo Tomota

Abstract: This study aims at examining thermomechanical controlled process to realize ultrafine TRIP-aided multi-phase microstructures in low carbon...

Authors: Jiří Kliber, Gabriela Plestilova, Ondrej Zacek, Mahesh C. Somani

Abstract: Effects of hot-rolling conditions on these steels are much less studied than their importance for practice would suggest. It should be...


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