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Authors: Tanya Ros-Yáñez, Pablo Rodriguez-Calvillo, R. Colas, Yvan Houbaert
Abstract:High silicon steel (up to 6.5 wt.-%Si) is important for the electrical industry because of its magnetic properties. However, its production...
Authors: Y. Arita, Yoshiyuki Ushigami
Abstract:The effect of annealing temperature on grain growth, texture development and magnetic properties of Al-free and Al-1% added non-oriented...
Authors: Shinichi Komazaki, T. Nakata, Takayuki Sugimoto, Yutaka Kohno
Abstract:The recently developed small punch (SP) creep test was applied to four different heatresistant ferritic steels, namely, two kinds of...
Authors: Franc A. Martins, J.A. Ponciano, Ivani de S. Bott
Abstract:Many steels tubes used in the Oil Industry are constantly exposed to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which can lead to the diffusion of hydrogen...
Authors: Hai Zhou Wang
Abstract:Original position statistic distribution analysis (OPA) is a new analytical method to determine the quantitative distribution of different...
Authors: Steven Hong, H.C. Lin, C.H. Yang, L.Y. Tseng, K.M. Lin
Abstract:The effects of quench-tempering treatment and composition modification on SAE 8620 steels have been investigated. Experimental results show...
Authors: C.A.C. Imbert, H.J. McQueen
Abstract:Double-twist torsion tests were used to determine static softening in the hot working range of three tool steels – W1, a carbon steel (1.03%...
Authors: Derek O. Northwood, Lily He, Erin Boyle, Randy J. Bowers
Abstract:SAE 8620 steel is typically used in the carburized condition for powertrain applications in the automotive industry, e.g. gears, roller...
Authors: F.C. Rizzo, A.R. Martins, John G. Speer, David K. Matlock, A. Clarke, Bruno C. De Cooman
Abstract:High strength steels containing significant fractions of retained austenite have been developed in recent years, and are the subject of...
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