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Authors: E. Buddy Damm, Robert E. Hackenberg, Chester J. van Tyne
Abstract:Continuous cooling and isothermal dilatometry was performed for a binary Fe-0.3C alloy and a ternary Fe-0.3C-1.0Mn alloy at slow (< 0.1...
Authors: Hai Sheng Shi, Guang Min Luo, Jun Fei Fan, Yi Jian Lin, Jing Guo Zhang
Abstract:The effect of hot rolling parameters on graphitization of a spray formed ultra high carbon steels(UHCSs) was described. The number of...
Authors: Kyoo Young Lee, Young Roc Im, Leo Kestens, Gyo Sung Kim
Abstract:The microstructural evolution and the softening behavior of hot rolled and 60% cold rolled 0.85wt% carbon pearlitic steels during...
Authors: L.D. Wang, M. Zhu, W.M. Zhou, J.D. Chen, Y.J. Shi, Guo Ding Chen, W. Zhang
Authors: Xue Min Wang, Xin Lai He, Shan Wu Yang, Cheng Jia Shang
Abstract:By employing the new developed relaxation-precipitation-controlling phase transformation (RPC) technique in large scale production the...
Authors: Y. van Leeuwen, Jilt Sietsma
Abstract:This paper addresses the physical mechanisms of the transformation of deformed austenite into allotriomorphic ferrite and Widmanstätten...
Authors: Kai Ming Wu, A.M. Guo, Lin Cheng
Abstract:Three-dimensional observations of proeutectoid ferrite formed at grain boundary in an Fe-0.09%C-1.48%Mn vanadium microalloyed alloy was...
Authors: Andrej Samoilov, Yuri Titovets, Nikolay Y. Zolotorevsky, Gottfried Hribernig, Andreas Pichler
Abstract:The model of the γ→α transformation calculated with the CATRAN program is described. The expected effect of former austenite grain size on...
Authors: Tadeusz Siwecki, T. Koziel, W. Bevis Hutchinson, Per Hansson
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