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Authors: Ricardo Nolasco Carvalho, Marcelo A.C. Ferreira, Dagoberto Brandão Santos, Ronaldo Barbosa
Abstract:Seamless tubes are manufactured, as it is well known, via continuous mandrel rolling process. A billet is first pierced, then the hollow is...
Authors: Richard G. Thiessen, Jilt Sietsma, I.M. Richardson
Abstract:This work presents a unique approach for the modelling of the austenitisation of martensite in dual-phase steels within the phase-field...
Authors: Stéphane Godet, You Liang He, John J. Jonas, Pascal J. Jacques
Abstract:The orientation relationships that apply to phase transformations in high-performance TRIP and TWIP steels were characterised by orientation...
Authors: Andrzej Kazimierz Lis, Jadwiga Lis
Abstract:Deformations at temperatures 900 °C, 860 °C, 810 °C and 780 °C in the consecutive amounts 24%, 20%, 19% and 18.5% were applied to low carbon...
Authors: V.I. Savran, Y. van Leeuwen, Dave N. Hanlon, Jilt Sietsma
Abstract:The first step in the heat-treatment processes for a vast majority of commercial steels is austenitization. There is much less research put...
Authors: Je Sik Shin, Bo Hyun Kim, Sang Mok Lee, B.M. Moon
Abstract:In order to develop an economical production method of high Si steel sheet, 6%Si (by weight percent, unless specified otherwise) steel was...
Authors: V. Andrade-Carozzo, Pascal J. Jacques
Abstract:Fe and Fe-C based alloys present the exceptional feature that the processing route can be adapted to lead to various phases that present...
Authors: Susil K. Putatunda
Abstract:A novel concept of two-step austempering in a magnetic field has been conceived by this investigator. This twostep process involves first...
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