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Authors: Božidar Liščić
Abstract:High pressure gas quenching became a modern way of quenching finally machined engineering components,having many advantages compared to...
Authors: Wlodzimierz Kaluba, T. Kaluba, Anna Zielinska-Lipiec
Abstract:The influence of high energy density sources on morphological changes in steels was studied by a physical simulation. Strips of carbon...
Authors: Yun Peng, Hong Jun Xiao, Chang Hong He, Zhi Ling Tian, Cheng Yong Ma, Xiao Mu Zhang
Abstract:Thermal simulation and arc welding were carried out to test the weldability of atmospheric corrosion resistant steel 07MnCuPTiNb. In thermal...
Authors: Julia Ivanisenko, Witold Łojkowski, Hans Jorg Fecht
Abstract:An overview of the mechanically driven phase transformations taking place in nanocrystalline pearlitic steels in conditions of the severe...
Authors: Lin Xiu Du, Ming Xian Xiong, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang
Abstract:A method of obtaining nanocrystallized bulk steels through phase transformation was investigated. Firstly, the austenite grain size of a...
Authors: Jun Xia Huang, Jing Tao Wang
Abstract:Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) in a fully pearlitic structured steel 65Mn was successfully carried out at 923 K via route C in this...
Authors: Kaori Miyata, Masayuki Wakita, S. Fukushima, M. Eto, T. Sasaki, Toshiro Tomida
Abstract:Ultrafine-grained steel sheets with the chemical composition of 0.15%C-0.74%Mn- 0.01%Si have been prepared using a laboratory rolling mill...
Authors: Toshiro Tomida, N. Imai, Mitsuru Yoshida, S. Fukushima
Abstract:Ferrite grain refinement by hot rolling mostly above Ae3 being followed by an ultra-fast cooling has been investigated. An emphasis has been...
Authors: Chad W. Sinclair, Henry Proudhon, J.D. Mithieux
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