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Authors: C.K. Syn, D.R. Lesuer, A. Goldberg, H.C. Tsai, Oleg D. Sherby

Abstract: The properties of ultrahigh carbon steels (UHCS) are strongly influenced by aluminum additions. Hardness studies of quenched UHCS-Al alloys...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Kubota, Hiroshi Yamagata

Abstract: The present requirements for the connecting rod are indicated and the fracture splitting (FS) technologies for constructing the big end...

Authors: M. Kubota, T. Ochi

Abstract: There is a glaring need for omitting intermediate heat treatments in the manufacturing processes of carburized parts and increasing the...

Authors: Susumu Takamori, Yoshiaki Osawa, Hideki Kakisawa, Kazumi Minagawa, Kohmei Halada

Abstract: In this research, the effect of the aluminum addition to cast iron on damping property was investigated by central vibration method,...

Authors: Atsushi Yamamoto, Katsuhiko Inoue, Harushige Tsubakino

Abstract: Microstructures in a bearing steel, JIS SUJ2, have been observed and analyzed in detail by means of transmission electron microscope and...

Authors: Mahesh C. Somani, L. Pentti Karjalainen, Antero Kyröläinen, Tero Taulavuori

Abstract: The effects of chemical composition, cold rolling and subsequent annealing parameters on the reversion of strain-induced martensite to...

Authors: C.Y. Chen, Hung Wei Yen, T.H. Yu, Je Rei Yang

Abstract: The effect of the degree of supersaturation in a coarse-grained h-ferrite matrix on the consequent isothermal transformation of h-ferrite...

Authors: Shinsuke Ide, Yoshimasa Funakawa, Yasushi Kato, Osamu Furukimi

Abstract: A new method to improve oxidation resistance of ferritic stainless steel was studied. Increase in oxidation resistance of ferritic...

Authors: P. Antoine, B. Soenen, Nuri Akdut

Abstract: Transformation of austenite to martensite during cold rolling operations is widely used to strengthen metastable austenitic stainless steel...

Authors: Takayuki Oshima, Yasuhiro Habara, Kotaro Kuroda

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