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Authors: Hiroyuki Kokawa, W.Z. Jin, Zhan Jie Wang, M. Michiuchi, Yutaka S. Sato, Wei Dong, Yasuyuki Katada

Abstract: Large amount of nitrogen addition into an austenitic stainless steel can improve the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance...

Authors: Liudmila M. Kaputkina, W.G. Prokoszkina, J. Siwka, A.G. Svjażin, Bartosz Koczurkiewicz, Marcin Knapiński

Abstract: Investigation into the effect of carbon and nitrogen contents of steels with an addition of chromium, nickel and manganese on their...

Authors: Shuji Hamano, Tetsuya Shimizu, Toshiharu Noda

Abstract: We produced low carbon and high nitrogen martensitic stainless steels that contain less than 0.1 mass% C and more than 0.45 mass% N,...

Authors: Enrique Real, Cristina Rodríguez, A. Fernández Canteli, F.Javier Belzunce

Abstract: The influence of shot peening on the fatigue properties of duplex stainless steel reinforcing bars manufactured using both hot and cold...

Authors: Masatoshi Sakamoto

Abstract: Internal friction of nitrogen in α iron has known as Snoek peak of N atom resolv ed in the octahedral interstitial site of bcc. When M atom...

Authors: B.D. Shanina, Valentin G. Gavriljuk, Hans Berns

Abstract: Measurements of conduction electron spin resonance (CESR) in steel allow to separate the contributions from free electrons which provide...

Authors: Jai Sung Lee, B.H. Cha, H.G. Kang, Yun Sung Kang

Abstract: This paper overviews our recent investigations on the processing of net-shaped Fe-based nanoparticulate materials and their related...

Authors: Psantu K. Datta, Zbigniew Klusek, Hai Liang Du, Jim. S. Burnell-Gray

Abstract: Nanoscale studies of four important phenomena – in-situ development of high temperature (HT) wear resistant nanostructured surface glaze,...

Authors: X. Huang, Q.H. Lu, M.L. Sui, D.X. Li, Niels Hansen

Abstract: Copper sheet samples composed of nanometer scale lamellar twins was produced by electrodeposition. The coherent lamellar twin boundaries...

Authors: Sergiy V. Divinski, Jai Sung Lee, Christian Herzig

Abstract: The radiotracer technique was applied to measure self- (Fe, Ni) and solute- (Ag) grain boundary diffusion in nanocrystalline Fe-40wt.%Ni...


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