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Authors: Le Ping Bu, Shunsuke Tanaka, Masayuki Tsushida, Shinji Ando, Hideki Tonda
Abstract:In the present study, the conventional process of Compo-casting was carried and the microstructural and mechanical propertied were then...
Authors: Ying Ying Zhong, Shu Fang Xu, Xin Ming Zhang, Tian Cai Guo, Yun Lai Deng
Abstract:Nano-indentation technique was used to survey creep stress exponent of ZM6 (Mg-2.8Nd-0.7Zn-0.6Zr) alloy at room temperature. The results...
Authors: Ben Li Luan, Joy Gray, Lian Xi Yang, Woo Jae Cheong, David Shoesmith
Abstract:Mg is the lightest structural metal with the highest specific strength. It is therefore considered as a solution for vehicular mass...
Authors: Gizem Oktay, Ozgur Duygulu, Ali Arslan Kaya
Abstract:A hybrid biomaterial was produced by dressing titanium with magnesium in order to utilize the most advantageous properties of both...
Authors: Wen Yue Zheng, C. Derushie, Jason Lo, Elhachmi Essadiqi
Abstract:The common joining techniques for Mg sheet and die cast alloys such as riveting, friction-stir welding and adhesive bonding all introduce...
Authors: Jin Zhang, Ying Wang, Rong Chang Zeng, Wei Jiu Huang
Abstract:Aluminum spray coating was applied onto AZ91D magnesium alloy. The effects of post heat treatment on the interfacial characteristics,...
Authors: Zhuo Qun Li, Da Yong Shan, Wei Ke, En Hou Han
Abstract:Microstructural examinations of T6-treated WE54 magnesium alloy were conducted after different aging conditions, and the influence of aging...
Authors: Jian Chen, Jian Qiu Wang, En Hou Han, Wei Ke
Abstract:The corrosion of AZ91 magnesium alloy with residual stress was observed in-situ in an atmosphere of water vapor with cyclic wet-dry...
Authors: Wei Lv, Hui Zhao, Zhong Han, Zhen Liu
Abstract:Effect of pulsed high-energy electron beam on the surface modification and the state of surface layer and wear resistance of AZ91 magnesium...
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