Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Song Wu, Xiao Qin Zeng, Shou Shan Yao, Hai Bo Han

Abstract: Ion implantation was applied to modify the surface properties of magnesium alloy. About 75 keV titanium ions with a dose of 5×1017 ions/...

Authors: Li Qun Bai, Di Li, Min Guo, Jing Xin

Abstract: Rare earth chemical conversion coating of Mg alloys was studied. Corrosion and electrochemical behavior in chloride environment were...

Authors: Jian Wei Chang, Peng Huai Fu, Xing Wu Guo, Li Ming Peng, Wen Jiang Ding
Authors: Wen Jiang Ding, Guo Hua Wu, Bong Sun You, Dong Yim Chang

Abstract: The effects of CeCl3-containing fluxes on RE element loss, the high temperature mechanical properties, microstructure and corrosion...

Authors: Yu Fan, Guo Hua Wu, Chun Quan Zhai

Abstract: With adding 2% strontium in AZ91D, the ultimate tensile strength and the elongation increased by 10.3% and 55.3%, respectively. This is...

Authors: Xing Wu Guo, Jian Wei Chang, Shang Ming He, Peng Huai Fu, Wen Jiang Ding

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of GW63 (Mg-6wt.%Gd-3wt.%Y-0.4wt.%Zr) alloys in 5% NaCl aqueous solution has been investigated by PARSTAT 2273...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Zhen Liu, Zhong Han

Abstract: Characteristics of ceramic coatings on AM50 magnesium alloy by micro-arc oxidation in silicate and phosphate electrolytes have been...

Authors: Hua Mao Zhou, Jian Qiu Wang, Qi Shan Zang, En Hou Han, Wei Ke

Abstract: The acoustic emission (AE) detected during the fatigue process in an as-rolled magnesium alloy AZ31B was analyzed. Measurements were made...

Authors: Rong Fa Zhang, Da Yong Shan, Rong Shi Chen, En Hou Han

Abstract: Micro arc oxidation is an effective method to improve corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys and the selected electric parameters have...

Authors: Jian Gang Qian, Chun Wang, Di Li, Yu Fen Liu

Abstract: The kinetics of film-forming process of anodizing on AZ91D Mg alloy have been studied through analyses of voltage-time and thickness–time...


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