Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Rui Zhang, Qun Feng Chang, Da Yong Li, Ying Hong Peng

Abstract: By the severe plastic deformation, the equal channel angular pressing method (ECAP) has been used for producing metal materials with the...

Authors: Zhi Hao Zhao, Jian Zhong Cui, Qing Feng Zhu

Abstract: The horizontal direct chill (HDC) casting process is a well-established production route for an aluminum alloy ingot; however, the ingot...

Authors: De Quan Shi, Da Yong Li, Qian Sun, Gui Li Gao

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the relationship between filling mould ability and surface tension of Al-Si alloy, a new method was put forward...

Authors: Zhong Qi Yu, Zhong Qin Lin, Yu Ying Yang

Abstract: Aluminum alloy sheet is becoming one of the main materials to take the place of steel components to reduce the vehicle mass due to the...

Authors: Hai Tao Zhang, Hiromi Nagaum, Yu Bo Zuo, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: Low frequency electromagnetic casting is a new developed technology that appears in the recent years. In this paper, a comprehensive...

Authors: Zhong Wen Xing, Jun Bao, Xue Chun Li, Yu Ying Yang

Abstract: The key to enhance the precision of sheet metal stamping parts is accurate prediction and control of the springback. And one of the...

Authors: Xiu Yu Wei, Zi Qiao Zheng, Qiu Ni Chen, Xin Fu

Abstract: A systematic homogenization treatment on Al-Li-Cu-Mg-Mn-Zr alloy, within the temperature range from 500C to 540C for 24h or 36h was...

Authors: Chun Yan Ban, Yi Han, Qi Xian Ba, Jian Zhong Cui

Abstract: The effect of pulse electric current with different density on solidification structures of hypoeutectic Al-7%Si, Al-10%Si and...

Authors: Li Hua Zhan, Jue Zhong

Abstract: According to the characteristics of transient solidification and continuous rheology in roll casting process, and by modifying clamp system...

Authors: Peng Yue Wu, Yu Cai Wu, Shui Sheng Xie, Guo Jie Huang, Lei Cheng

Abstract: In the investigation, the continuous extrusion forming (CONFORM) process of aluminum alloy rectangular hollow conductor has been studied by...


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