Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Harald Görner, Thorvald Abel Engh, Martin Syvertsen, Li Feng Zhang

Abstract: Removal of Na by an “active” AlF3 filter seemed to be so efficient that all the sodium was removed in the present experiments. The removal...

Authors: Yun Lai Deng, Yong Zhang, Xin Ming Zhang

Abstract: Local orientation distributions of two neighbouring grains initially orientated near (01l)[100] and (210)[001], in a pure Al poly-crystal...

Authors: Xin Ming Zhang, Jian Guo Tang, Yun Lai Deng, Zhuo Ping Zhou

Abstract: The influence of crystallographic orientation stability on the inhomogeneous deformation on the meso-scale was numerically simulated with...

Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Qi Feng Mo, Yu Ling Wang, Iina Zhang, Chuang Gao Huang

Abstract: The atomic bonding of the segregated cell of Al-Li alloy in earlier ageing condition was calculated according to the empirical electron...

Authors: Man Jin, Jing Li, Guang Jie Shao

Abstract: The precipitation behaviors and microstructures of nano-precipitates in AA6082 Al-Mg-Si alloy with and without Cu additions during heat...

Authors: Ying Zhang, Guang Hong Lu, Han Zhang, Tian Min Wang, Sheng Hua Deng, Xue Lan Hu
Authors: Gang Yao Zhao, Yu Li Liu, He Yang

Abstract: The clearance and friction have large influence on wrinkling in rotary draw bending process of thin-walled rectangular tube. In this paper,...

Authors: Li Jing Zheng, Guo Qiang Li, Huan Xi Li, Chang Qi Chen, B.Z. Dong

Abstract: A study was conducted on 7055 Al alloys processed by Equal-channel Angular Pressing (ECAP). The quantitative information about precipitate...

Authors: Xian Quan Jiang, Ning Li, Hong He, Xiu Jin Zhang, Chun Chi Li, Hao Yang

Abstract: The mechanical properties and microstructures of different state cryogenic treatment 3102 Al-foil, such as H19,H26 or O state, were studied...

Authors: Xi Gang Fan, Da Ming Jiang, Qing Chang Meng, Heng Ze Xian, Nian Kui Li

Abstract: The microstructure after different ageing treatments and its relation to the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of 7150 alloy...


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