Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Lin Ning, Zhi Yi Liu, Chun Feng, Su Min Zeng

Abstract: The evolution of second phases and its effect on tensile mechanical property in artificial ageing and RRA process of super-high strength...

Authors: Yong Yi Peng, Zhi Min Yin, Bo Nie, Tao Wang

Abstract: The effect of Sc and Zr on the fatigue property of Al-6.2Mg-0.4Mn alloy was investigated by control experiment; the fatigue lives of...

Authors: Ji Wu Huang, Zhi Min Yin, Jia Fang Fang, Bo Nie, Tao Wang

Abstract: The influence of aging treatment on microstructure, mechanical and electrical properties of 7A52 alloy was investigated by mechanical...

Authors: Zhen Liang Li, Jian Xin Xie, Wei Chen, Jing Zhai, Hui Ping Ren, Yu Feng Wang

Abstract: Six kinds of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys, modified with nickel and zirconium, have been produced by rapid solidification using spray deposition(the...

Authors: J.H. You, Sheng Dan Liu, Z.B. Huang, Xin Ming Zhang

Abstract: The influence of one- and two- stage solution heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 7055 was...

Authors: Sheng Dan Liu, Xin Ming Zhang, Z.B. Huang, J.H. You

Abstract: The Vickers hardness time-temperature-properties (TTP) curve of aluminum alloy 7055 was evaluated by interrupted quench technique. The...

Authors: Yu Xuan Du, Xin Ming Zhang, Ling Ying Ye, Zhi Hui Luo

Abstract: A novel shear-deformation technique, named ‘shear pressing’ (SP), was developed for fabrication of plate-shaped fine grained metallic...

Authors: Ling Ying Ye, Xin Ming Zhang, Yu Xuan Du, Zhi Hui Luo

Abstract: Grain refinement of 01420 Al-Li alloy through particle stimulated nucleation(PSN) of recrystallization is reported. The results showed that...

Authors: W.H. Liu, Xin Ming Zhang, Jian Guo Tang, Yu Xuan Du

Abstract: Void growth in aluminum single crystals is simulated using the finite element method, to illustrate the effect of grain orientation on void...

Authors: Ze Bing Xing, Zuo Ren Nie, Jing Xia Zou, Xiao Lan Ji, Xu Dong Wang

Abstract: The behaviors of trace element Er on binary Al-Mg and ternary Al-Mg-Mn alloys have been investigated through optical microscopy, x-ray...


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