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Authors: Ying Zhou, Ming Hui Huang, Da Heng Mao, Tao Liang
Abstract:Three-dimensional FEM simulations of fluid-thermal analysis of the fluid fields including the front-box and the 3C-style nozzle of aluminum...
Authors: Xun Hong Wang, Kuaishe Wang
Abstract:Friction and wear behaviors have been studied between the untreated base material and the friction stir welds of 5052 aluminum alloy. To...
Authors: Hui Zhong Li, Xin Ming Zhang, Min Gan Chen, Ying Liu, Hui Gao
Abstract:The deformation behavior of 2519 aluminum alloy was studied by isothermal compression by Gleeble-1500 simulator in the temperature range...
Authors: Yan Feng Han, Da Shu, Lan Jin, Jun Wang, Bao De Sun
Abstract:A rapidly solidified Al-5Ti-1B master alloy prepared by the in-rotating-liquid spinning process has been investigated. It has been found...
Authors: S. Jafarpishe, C. Dehghanian, M. Emamy
Abstract:Aluminium alloys are successfully used in marine and offshore structure in purpose of cathodic protection. Aluminium itself has poor...
Authors: Miroslav Karlík, Margarita Slámová, Petr Homola, P. Sláma, Miroslav Cieslar
Abstract:Mechanical properties and microstructure of twin-roll cast (TRC) pure aluminium, Al-Fe-Mn-Si (AA8006) and Al-Mg (AA5754) alloy sheets ARB...
Authors: Shun Cai Wang, Marco J. Starink, Nong Gao
Authors: Ehsan. A.H. Gomaa, M. Mohsen, A.S. Taha, M.M. Mostafa
Abstract:The variations during isochronal annealing of cold-rolled commercial pure Al (1050) and Al-Mn (3004) has been investigated between room...
Authors: A. Perrone, L. Cultrera, S. Duhalde
Abstract:The morphological changes and corresponding plume deflection effect during long laser (XeCl excimer laser, λ=308 nm, τ=30 ns) irradiation of...
Authors: S. Ringeval, David Piot, Julian H. Driver
Abstract:An Al-3%Mg-0.25%Sc-0.12%Zr alloy was deformed by triaxial forging at 20-400°C up to strains of about 3. A study of its textural evolution...
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