Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Zhi Zhu, Gao Hui Wu, Long Tao Jiang, Guo Qin Chen

Abstract: A high reinforcement content TiB2/2024Al composite with an average particle size of 8μm was fabricated by squeeze casting technology. The...

Authors: Pei Lian Wu, Li Dong Wang, Wei Dong Fei

Abstract: In the present study, MBOw/Al composites were fabricated using squeeze casting method. The interfacial reaction in the composite was...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Ye Zhu, Jie Cai Han, Gao Hui Wu

Abstract: Two Al-Si alloys (Al-12Si and Al-20Si) and an industrial pure Al were reinforced with 70vol.% dual-sized SiC particles. The composites...

Authors: Fu Sheng Pan, Wen Ming Wang, Yun Lu, Su Min Zeng

Abstract: The effects of the interfacial parameters (interface/matrix modulus ratio, interface Poisson ratio and interface volume fraction) and the...

Authors: Ming Hu, Hai Ting Hu, Zheng Xiao Hong, Suk Bong Kang, Kwang Jun Euh

Abstract: The microstructures of sprayed SiCp/Al composite fabricated by thermal spraying technique by optical microscope (OM)scanning electronic...

Authors: Chun Lin He, Qing Kui Cai

Abstract: The effects of current densities on the morphology and corrosion resistance of anodized coating formed on a SiCp/2024 Al metal matrix...

Authors: Adem Kurt, Ilyas Uygur, Hakan Ates

Abstract: Diffusion welding is an advanced bonding process in which similar or dissimilar materials can be bonded in solid state. In this study,...

Authors: Ilyas Uygur

Abstract: Joining parts by diffusion welding is one of the recent manufacturing techniques, since it allows manufacturing of similar or dissimilar...

Authors: Hari K. Duvvuru, Marko Knezevic, Raja K. Mishra, Surya R. Kalidindi

Abstract: Microstructure Sensitive Design (MSD) offers a rigorous mathematical framework for representing the relevant statistical details of the...

Authors: Yong Kang Zhang, Xu Dong Ren, Jian Zhong Zhou, Ai Xin Feng

Abstract: Laser shock processing (LSP) employs high-energy laser pulses from a solid-state laser to create intense shock waves into a material, which...


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