Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Li, Jin Xia Song, Cheng Bo Xiao, Shi Yu Qu, Ding Gang Wang, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: The isothermal oxidation behavior of a new developed Ni base superalloy named DM02 for high temperature dies was studied in this paper. The...

Authors: Jin Xia Song, Qing Li, Cheng Bo Xiao, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: The effect of Ta, Nb, Hf and Zr on the microstructure and high temperature tensile properties of DM02 alloy, which is a novel developed Ni...

Authors: S.K. Mannan, Shalesh J. Patel

Abstract: Recently developed alloy 783 (nominal composition of Ni-34Co-26Fe-5.4Al-3Nb-3Cr, UNS R30783) is precipitation strengthened by Ni3Al-type...

Authors: Yue Feng Gu, C. Cui, D. Ping, Hiroshi Harada, Akihiro Sato, J. Fujioka

Abstract: A new kind of cast & wrought (C&W) Ni-Co base superalloys named as “TMW alloys” was developed recently for compressor and turbine disk of...

Authors: Xi Shan Xie, Jian Xin Dong, Mai Cang Zhang, Shu Hong Fu

Abstract: High temperature structure stability of 2 important Nb-containing Ni-base superalloys Inconel 718 (Ni-19Cr-18Fe-3Mo-5Nb-1Ti-0.5Al) and...

Authors: Ting Dong Xu, Lei Zheng, Min Qing Wang, Deng Qun

Abstract: Some basic principles of non-equilibrium grain boundary segregation (NGS) and their applications to B, Mg P segregation to boundaries in...

Authors: Y. Wang, Wen Zhu Shao, Liang Zhen, L. Lin, Y.X. Cui

Abstract: The nucleation and development of dynamic recrystallization (DRX) in hot deformed superalloy Inconel 718 during uniaxial compression were...

Authors: X.Z. Qin, Jian Ting Guo, C. Yuan, Jie Shan Hou, Heng Qiang Ye

Abstract: During long-term thermal exposure, the degeneration of primary MC carbide is a diffusion-controlled process. With the element exchange...

Authors: Min Xiao, Cheung Poon, Priti Wanjara, Mohammad Jahazi, Zouheir Fawaz, P. Krimbalis

Abstract: Ni-based superalloys are extensively used in the manufacture of aircraft engine components because of their excellent heat-resistant and...


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