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Authors: Shou Jie Yang, You Hua Xie, Sheng Long Dai, Ming Gao Yan
Abstract:Recently, a new super-high-strength Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy with Zr bearing was developed in BIAM. In this paper, the effect of microalloying...
Authors: P.Y. Li, W. Li, X.L. He, Sheng Long Dai, S.Y. Wang, H.Q. Li, H.T. Yang
Abstract:Large extrusion and forgings of Al-9Fe-1.9Mo-1.7Si (wt.%, FMS0918) aluminum alloy for elevated temperature applications were produced by...
Authors: Sheng Long Dai, K. Zhang, M. Huang, Shou Jie Yang, Ming Gao Yan
Authors: Rui Zhi Wu, Da Shu, Jun Wang, Bao De Sun, Mi Lin Zhang
Abstract:The flow field and gas-bubble size during the process of aluminum melt degassing were investigated in water model. A Φ400mm×400mm...
Authors: X. Nie, X. Li, Derek O. Northwood
Abstract:Corrosion performances of several metallic materials (Al6061 and Al319 alloys, 304 stainless steel and grey cast iron) in the...
Authors: Ming An Chen, Xuan Xie, Guo Fu Xu, Hui Zhong Li, Xin Ming Zhang
Abstract:2024-T6 Al alloy sheet s were modified by bis-[triethoxysilylpropyl] tetrasulfide (BTESPT) silane film to improve the corrosion resistance....
Authors: Y. Liu, Xin Ming Zhang, B. Liu, Hui Zhong Li, Hui Gao
Abstract:The effect of pre-rolling reduction prior to ageing on the size and distribution of the precipitates, the width of precipitation free zones...
Authors: W.T. Zhao, De Sheng Yan, Li Jian Rong
Abstract:The corrosion behavior of cold worked Al-Mg-Sc-Zr-Ni alloys prepared by vacuum induction melting in acidic chloride solution was studied....
Authors: Jin Fang Ma, Lan Qing Hu, Xu Guang Liu, Bing She Xu
Abstract:After surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) for Al-Zn-Mg alloy, a gradient structure with average grain size increased from 20nm in...
Authors: De Jiu Shen, Wei Chao Gu, Yu Lin Wang, Guang Zhong Xing, Philip Nash
Abstract:The surface roughness and morphology of the ceramic coatings fabricated on industrially pure aluminum by the plasma electrolytic oxidation...
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