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Authors: Xiao Lei Han, Ya Fang Han, Shu Suo Li, Wen You Ma
Abstract:Two directionally solidified (DS) Ni-based cast superalloys without and with 3wt. % Ru were prepared. The effects of Ru addition on the...
Authors: W.B. Wang, Qiang Feng, L.J. Carroll, Y.L. Wang, Guo Liang Chen, T.M. Pollock
Abstract:The effects of ruthenium and chromium contents have been investigated on phase transformation temperatures and the morphology of γ’...
Authors: Caroline M. Charles, Gemma A. Drew, Stephen Bagnall, Catherine M.F. Rae
Authors: Y. Liu, Jin Jiang Yu, Yan Xu, Xiao Feng Sun, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu
Abstract:Smooth specimens of single crystal (SC) superalloy SRR99 with [001] orientation were subjected to high-cycle fatigue (HCF) loading at...
Authors: Fan Lai Meng, Su Gui Tian, Ming Gang Wang, Xing Fu Yu, Hong Qiang Du, Li Shui, Ling Wang
Abstract:By means of tensile and compression creep testing and SEM, TEM observation, an investigation has been made into the microstructure evolution...
Authors: D.L. Wang, Tao Jin, S.Q. Yang, Z. Wei, J.B. Li, Zhuang Qi Hu
Authors: Li Wang, Guang Xie, Jian Zhang, Lang Hong Lou
Abstract:Microstructural evolution of an experimental directionally solidified superalloy with local recrystallization during creep was studied....
Authors: P.C. Xia, Jin Jiang Yu, Xiao Feng Sun, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu
Abstract:Effect of different aging temperatures on microstructure and stress rupture properties of DZ951 alloy were investigated in this paper. The...
Authors: J.D. Liu, Tao Jin, N.R. Zhao, Z.H. Wang, Xiao Feng Sun, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu
Abstract:a kind of as-cast nickel-base single crystal superalloy was TLP bonded using Ni-Cr-B amorphous foil at different temperatures. Special...
Authors: Hai Peng Jin, Jia Rong Li, Shi Zhong Liu
Abstract:The effects of high temperature exposure simulating service conditions on stress rupture properties were studied for the second generation...
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