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Authors: Akihiro Makino, Takeshi Kubota, Masahiro Makabe, Chun Tao Chang, Akihisa Inoue

Abstract: Fe-based bulk metallic glasses with good soft magnetic softness, high strength and relatively low material cost should have greatest...

Authors: Masanori Yokoyama, Shinichi Yamaura, Hisamichi Kimura, Akihisa Inoue

Abstract: We prepared the Ni80-xCrxP16B4 (x = 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30 at.%) alloy ingots in an Ar flow atmosphere without evacuation...

Authors: Ichiro Seki, Mikio Fukuhara, Akihisa Inoue

Abstract: Although a Ti47.4Zr5.3Ni5.3Cu42 glassy alloy does not occur precipitation of crystalline in annealing of prolonged time below glass...

Authors: Shin Wakayama, Yoshihisa Kimoto, Yorinobu Takigawa, Tokuteru Uesugi, Kenji Higashi

Abstract: A 2mm-thick bulk amorphous Ni-W alloy is formed by applying a new electroforming process and its states are investigated by the XRD...

Authors: Chung Kwei Lin, Chien Yie Tsay, Chin Yi Chen, Wei Hsiang Chan, Cherng Yuh Su, Hong Ming Lin

Abstract: Nanocrystalline iron oxide powders were prepared by an inert gas condensation technique under various oxygen partial pressures. The...

Authors: Fei Li, Xiao Ping Zou, Jin Cheng, Hong Dan Zhang, Peng Fei Ren, Guang Zhu, Mao Fa Wang

Abstract: A simple method was reported for synthesis of carbon nanofibers. Ethanol burner was employed as the setup. Different morphological carbon...

Authors: Fei Li, Xiao Ping Zou, Jin Cheng, Hong Dan Zhang, Peng Fei Ren, Guang Zhu, Mao Fa Wang

Abstract: Carbon nanofibers have been obtained by the interaction of ethanol with metal chloride over copper plate. Different metal chloride was used...

Authors: Shuo Zhang, T. Ichitsubo, Yokoyama Yoshihiko, K. Miyagi, Eiichiro Matsubara

Abstract: The structure, thermal stability and elasticity of Zr50Cu40Al10 bulk metallic glass (BMG) have been investigated with reference to Zr70Cu30...

Authors: Fernand D.S. Marquis

Abstract: Owing to their exceptional stiffness, strength, thermal and electrical conductivity, carbon nanotubes have the potential for the...

Authors: Takeshi Nagase, Akihiro Nino, Yukichi Umakoshi

Abstract: Pinpoint nano-crystallization in Fe-based metallic glass was achieved by 2.0MV electron irradiation. Circular nano-crystalline structure...


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