Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Min Li, Fu Rong Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the radiator with tube-to-plate structure applied usually in aeroplane, a two-dimensional model for finite element analysis was...

Authors: Alexandr Saprykin, Nataly Saprykina, Olesya Krovina

Abstract: During the research the following problem was raised: to define the pulse laser radiation influence value on different powder materials, as...

Authors: Hong Ye, Yi Luo, Zhong Lin Yan, Bin Shen

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are being increasingly used in automotive and aerospace structures. In this study, welding of AZ61 magnesium alloy with 10...

Authors: Di Xu, Xiang Ling

Abstract: The glass-to-metal seals are widely used in the solar thermal power. When a glass-to-metal seal is cooled in the process of diffusion...

Authors: Xiang Ling, Hong Fang Ni, Gang Ma

Abstract: High residual tensile stress is an important factor contributing to stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Shot peening can impose compressive...

Authors: Hui Xia Liu, Yi Xing Chen, Xiao Wang, Xiao Xia Meng, Yong Hong Fu, Lan Cai

Abstract: In order to predict the geometry character of laser surface micro-texturing, the finite element analyzing software ANSYS is used to...

Authors: Yong Wang, Bao Wang, Jun Hua Gao

Abstract: Metal transfer mode of the low hydrogen type structural steel covered electrode is the one that coexists as the globular short-circuiting...

Authors: Cui Xin Chen, Wu Shen Li, Hui Fen Peng

Abstract: Thermal simulating technology was used to simulate weld CGHAZ of microalloyed steel with different thermal cycle for the purpose of...

Authors: Yi Bin Chen, Jian Zhong Zhou, Shu Huang, Yue Qing Sun

Abstract: Laser bending is a flexible forming process which forms sheet metal by means of stresses induced by external heat instead of external...

Authors: L. Guo, Yuan Yuan Li, Xiao Qiang Li, Jun Yi Yang

Abstract: The numerical simulation and experimental measurement of temperature distribution in electrical field activated sintering of titanium...


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