Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hu Sheng Gao

Abstract: Methods of modeling stress strain curves for nonlinear stress analysis are discussed in order to obtain comparable results between...

Authors: Oleg M. Smirnov, M.A. Tsepin

Abstract: The variety of metal forming processes can be arranged according to some essential features such as structure, properties and structure...

Authors: Guo Zheng Quan, Meng Han Wang, Jie Zhou, Ying Tong

Abstract: The aluminum tube with rectangle section can be produced by two-pass drawing process including non-plug and with-plug drawing. It is an...

Authors: Liang Hao Han, James Elliott, Serena Best, Ruth Cameron, A.C. Bentham, A. Mills, G.E. Amidon, B.C. Hancock

Abstract: In this paper, we present a modified density-dependent Drucker-Prager Cap (DPC) model with a nonlinear elasticity law developed to describe...

Authors: Bin Yu Sun, Shi Jian Yuan

Abstract: According to the N-S equation in fluid mechanics, it is analyzed the rheological properties of strip cast-rolling deforment area with flow...

Authors: Jian Zhong Zhou, Yu Jie Fan, Shu Huang, Su Qing Jiang, Jian Jun Du

Abstract: In order to understand and control the process of laser peen forming (LPF) of sheet metal, a developed FEM model was established and the...

Authors: Wen Ting Tang, Li Jin, Jin Zhang, He Yang

Abstract: In-plane bending is an advanced plastic processing technology which controls the uneven compressing plastic deformation of strip metal...

Authors: Jari Larkiola, Jari Nylander, V. Kähkönen, M. Judin

Abstract: In temper rolling thickness reduction is small (0,5 – 2%) and the elastic deformation of the work roll should be taken into account. During...

Authors: Li Hui Lang, Hui Li Li, Xian Bin Zhou, Joachim Danckert, Yi Le Ghen

Abstract: Sheet hydroforming has drawn much attention in the world because of its many advantages such as high drawing ratio, good surface quality...


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