Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Tang Li, Jian Li Song, Da Wei Zhang, Quan Gang Zheng

Abstract: The forming process of spline cold rolling was analyzed. The unit average pressure, contact area and rolling force in the cold rolling...

Authors: Qi Lin Mei, Shi Lin Yan, Zhi Xiong Huang, Jian Juan Guo

Abstract: Based on generalized Hele-Shaw(GHS) model, numerical simulation of compression-molding flow of sheet molding compound (SMC) in complicated...

Authors: Sheng Xue Qin, Guo Qun Zhao, Yue Mu, Xing Ming Xu

Abstract: In this paper, penalty finite element method is applied to the simulation of three-dimensional incompressible viscous steady flow, and the...

Authors: Zhou De Qu, Qun Zhang, Shi Hong Zhang, Chen Lei

Abstract: Temperature evolution is one of the important parameters of mechanical properties of thin strip products. So the ability of prediction of...

Authors: Ji Hong Tian, Jian Sheng Liu, Hui Guang Guo, Hui Qin Chen

Abstract: In order to solve the problems such as cracking, uneven property and poor forming controllability in the traditional hot forging of...

Authors: De Guang Wang, Yu Cheng Wu, Ming Hua Jiao, Ting Xie, Jian Wei Yu

Abstract: The warm powder compaction process is simulated by the finite element analysis software which is MSC/MARC. The thermal mechanically coupled...

Authors: Chu Yun Huang, Sai Yu Wang, Tao Yang, Xu Dong Yan

Abstract: The stress fields of rectangular and T shape compression dies were simulated by three dimensional photo-elasticity of stress freezing...

Authors: Xiao Na Wang, Fu Guo Li, Yu Hong Liu

Abstract: This paper studies FGH96 P/M Superalloy dynamic recrystallization phenomenon under isothermal forging conditions. Curves of work hardening...

Authors: Yun Wang, Zhen Ying Xu, Pei Long Dong, Guo Ding Yuan, Lan Cai

Abstract: The rapid market need of MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) and metal microparts are increasing gradually. The plastic microforming has...

Authors: Sheng Nan Wu, Zhi Heng Yang, Guang Ze Dai, Zhen Jiang Zhang, Lei Zhang, Li Xin Dong, Li Ling Liu, Feng He

Abstract: This paper presents a simulation analysis of stress and strain of an underground rail elastic bar using the commercial finite-element...


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