Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Chen, Zhong Liang Tian, Mi Chao Gao, Wei Zong, Jian Guo Wang, Wen Qing Yang, Ping Yi Wang, Zhang Zhong Wu, Yong Qiang Duan, Yong Ming Wang

Abstract: The paper simulated and researched the straightening process of heavy rail by finite element software of ANSYS/LS-DYNA. The residual stress...

Authors: Zhao Hu Deng, Yu Ping Huang, Yan Qin Zhang, Feng Ruan

Abstract: At the early stage of product design, the information about mould, blank and boundary condition are not definite. It is difficult to...

Authors: Hai Liang Yu, Xiang Hua Liu, Chang Sheng Li, Li Qing Chen

Abstract: Behavior of the transversal crack and the longitudinal crack on slab surface during V-H rolling was simulated by the FEM. The contact...

Authors: Z.C. Xuan, J.W. Peng

Abstract: We present a method for computing the stress intensity factors in bimaterials based on the goal oriented finite element error estimate. The...

Authors: Xi Dong Xing, Xue Dao Shu

Abstract: Two-wedge Cross Wedge Rolling (TCWR) is a metal processing technology in which a heated cylindrical billet is plastically deformed into an...

Authors: Li Dong Cheng, Zhong Jin Wang

Abstract: Based on the dynamic analysis method and central difference explicit algorithm, a dynamic explicit finite element code is developed for...

Authors: Guang Xu, Lun Wan, Xin Qiang Zhang, Zheng Liang Xue

Abstract: Hot simulation tests at different deformation technology parameters were carried out for a microalloyed high strength steel produced by CSP...

Authors: Guang Ru Hua, Hong Yu Wen, Li Qiang An

Abstract: A thermal-mechanical analysis of metal forming based on meshfree method is performed. During the coupled analysis, two independent...

Authors: R.B. Mei, Chang Sheng Li, B. Han, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: The induction heating process of slab steel had been discussed by finite element method. The results obtained were in good agreement to the...

Authors: Chang Sheng Li, S.N. Song, R.B. Mei, G.L. Zhang, Xiang Hua Liu

Abstract: Fast Finite Element (FFE) method had advantage of high precision and fast computing velocity. The online application of FFE method was...


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