Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Hua Su, Feng Zhang Ren, Lei Wang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the forming process methods of fin used in CPU chip to emit heat. The whole process is blanking, the first forging...

Authors: Shi Wen Du, Yong Tang Li

Abstract: Based on viscosity hydrodynamics and hydro-finite element theory, flow field of the main-control reversing valve of electrical-hydraulic...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Chun Jian Su, Ying Ping Guan

Abstract: The main problem in bending process of sheet metal is that it is difficult to control bending springback accurately. Springback produced...

Authors: Hai Ping Yu, Chun Feng Li, Jiang Hua Deng

Abstract: Forecast of discharge parameters is one of the key problems needed to solve urgently for applications of electromagnetic forming technology...

Authors: Yan Hai Xu, Yong Sheng Li, Hai Bo Huang

Abstract: As one type of the important alternative fuel containers, composite cylinders are widely used in compressed natural gas vehicles (CNGV) all...

Authors: De Ying Zhao, Lian Dong Zhang, Hui Xue Sun

Abstract: Steering knuckle, which has strict requirements with regard to dimensional precision and quality, is a key component in cars. Conventional...

Authors: Zhen Jun Wang, Le Hua Qi, Ji Ming Zhou

Abstract: On the basis of thermo-mechanical coupled FEM model which characterized the composites liquid-solid extrusion process, the...

Authors: Jian Qiao, Shu Qing Kou, Dong Ye He, She Hua Yang

Abstract: A key functional aspect of assembled camshafts is the joining strength between the shaft tube and the cam lobe, which is depended on the...

Authors: Xing Zhang, Zhi Min Zhang, Bao Cheng Li

Abstract: Thermal compression tests of AZ61 magnesium alloy was performed at deformation temperature 150-400°C and strain rates ranged from 0.01s-1...

Authors: Song Xue, Jie Zhou

Abstract: Precision forging is an important manufacturing procedure of steel synchronizer gear ring forming. FEM software DEFORM_3D was applied to...


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