Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Hong Xiao, Chang Li Zha

Abstract: Long distance transmission pipeline is one of promising transportation methods developed in recent years. It is safe, economical,...

Authors: Zhen Ying Xu, Yun Wang, Pei Long Dong, Kai Xiao

Abstract: Flat receptacle, which is used in extruding the large aluminum profiles, is in harsh work conditions. Due to the irregularity of inner hole...

Authors: Li Cheng Yang, Jin Xiang Hu, Li Wei Ning, Ying Chun Liu

Abstract: High speed wire-rod rolling is a typical large deformation process which includes geometry, material and boundary condition non-linearity,...

Authors: Ji Zhang, Zhu Bin He, Shi Jian Yuan

Abstract: The maximum mean stress gradient direction in typical plane strain and axisymmetrical plastic deformation problems was calculated by...

Authors: Zhang Jian, Yun Tao Li, Liang Chu, Da Sen Bi, Hong Xiang Cui

Abstract: A solid geometry model of porthole die is built up by CAD . Pointing to some problems in the extruding process, such as the die fraying and...

Authors: Shi Hong Zhang, Hong Wu Song, Ming Cheng, Zhong Tang Wang

Abstract: Recently, physical simulation has played a more and more important role in modeling hot forming process. However, difficulty still existed...

Authors: Xue Bin Zhang, Zhi Gang Li, Yu Qi Liu, Ming Hua Wu

Abstract: A special elasto-plastic dynamic finite element code named RingForm has been developed to analyze cold ring rolling process. Central...

Authors: Yao Zong Zhang, Jian Bo Huang, Xue Lin, Quan Shui Fang

Abstract: The cold closed-die forging process of the gear is a kind of new technique of the precise forming of gear in recent years. In this paper,...

Authors: Zhi Bing Zhang, Yu Qi Liu, Ting Du, Zhi Gang Li

Abstract: A novel hybrid method is proposed in the paper, which is an assistant tool for product designers to estimate springback in sheet metal...

Authors: Guo Ming Zhu, Yong Lin Kang, Wei Chen, Guang Ting Ma

Abstract: In the H-beam rolling process, the deformations and temperature field of workpiece significantly influence the mechanical properties due to...


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