Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nian Chun Lü, Yun Hong Cheng, Cheng Jin, Yi Le Chen

Abstract: By the approaches of the theory of complex functions, dynamic propagation problems on the surfaces of mode I crack subjected to unit-step...

Authors: Ying Hui Lu, Shui Lin Wang, Hao Jiang

Abstract: the inverse analysis to material parameters is often translated into an optimization for an objective function, based on the correlation...

Authors: Lian Sheng Ma, Chun Zhi Deng, Zhi Ying Ou

Abstract: Axisymmetric nonlinear bending of the functionally graded circular plates is investigated in the present work. The material properties of...

Authors: Xiao E Ma, Hui Guo, You Guo Li

Abstract: In this paper, by some technological process, the reusable filtration materials has been made by using the main waste residue of ceramic...

Authors: M.M. Myshlyaev

Abstract: Mechanical behaviour at creep and superplasticity of coarse grain and monocrystalline aluminum under torsion, of coarse grain molybdenum,...

Authors: Tao Niu, Hao Yu, Yong Lin Kang, Ming Jian Long

Abstract: Different cooling parameters, including the initial cooling temperature, finishing cooling temperature and cooling rate, have a significant...

Authors: Zhi Ying Ou, Dong Xia Lei, Lian Sheng Ma

Abstract: The residual stresses induced in fiber-reinforced functionally graded composites cooling down from the processing temperature are...

Authors: Xiang Hua Peng, Ying She Luo, Jing Ye Zhou, Min Yu, Tao Luo

Abstract: The paper is aimed to exploit a creep constitutive mode of TC11 titanium alloy based on RBF neural network. Creep testing data of TC11...

Authors: F. Shi, Li Jun Wang, Wen Fang Cui, Z.B. Li, M.Z. Xu, Chun Ming Liu

Abstract: The hot ductility of Fe-18Cr-12Mn-0.55N high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel was investigated in Gleeble-2000 thermomechanical...

Authors: Shuang Kuang, Yong Lin Kang, Hao Yu, Ren Dong Liu

Abstract: Formation of austenite strongly influences the microstructures and mechanical properties of dual phase steels. In present work,...


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