Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Feng Lu, Sheng Ru Qiao, Jun Tao Hou, Man Feng Gong

Abstract: Mullite interlayer of the carbon fiber reinforced Si-C-N matrix composite (C/Si-C-N) was fabricated by liquid precursor impregnation and...

Authors: Tao Xu, Ju Ying Yang, Chun An Tang, Shi Bin Tang

Abstract: A coupled thermo-mechanical model is employed to analyze the thermo-mechanical behavior of a widely used laminated composite subject to...

Authors: Wojciech Sitek, Jacek Trzaska, Leszek Adam Dobrzański

Abstract: Basing on the experimental results of the hardenability investigations, which employed Jominy method, the model of the neural networks was...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, L.D. Yao, H.P. Ren, Chun Ming Liu

Abstract: Two mild steels with Nb-microalloying and Nb-free were smelted. After single-pass hot compression of various processes conducted on a...

Authors: Jian Wang, Hong Xiao

Abstract: Improved methods to estimate the kinetics of dynamic and static recrystallization are proposed in this paper. The kinetics for dynamic and...

Authors: Wen Yan Liu, Lai Wang, Ji Bin Liu, Ping He Li, Kai Miao, Rong Dong Han

Abstract: Microstructures and toughness of simulated coarse grain heat-affected zone of hot continuously rolled copper-bearing steel were...

Authors: Hong Peng Li, Yu Ting He, Heng Xi Zhang, Rong Hong Cui

Abstract: This paper presents our effort to reduce thermo-mechanical failures related IC packaging reliability problems. These reliability problems...

Authors: Yu Ting He, Hong Peng Li, Rong Hong Cui, Chao Hua Fan

Abstract: Interfacial delamination is a recognized failure mode in Integrated circuits (ICs). A major cause for this failure is the mismatch of...

Authors: Chang Qing Xu, Xiao Ming Cao, Gui Jiang Li

Abstract: The Kurdjumow -Sachs mechanism of martensite transformation is investigated in detail in this paper. The distortion matrixes of the first...

Authors: Zhi Min Xie, Young Jin Yum, Han Gi Min, Jin Hyug Son

Abstract: Carbon black (CB) filled rubber is microscopically heterogeneous although homogeneous on a macroscopic scale. CB particles are generally in...


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