Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Song Xu, Xiao Lian Wang

Abstract: To replace the heavily contaminative and long price CuCo2Be alloy, the titanium bronze of no more than 3.5wt% alloying agents was...

Authors: Ming Jia Wang, Shan Shan Long, Song Mei Mu, Yan Wang, Lei Chen

Abstract: In this paper, hot compression tests were carried out using a Gleeble-3500 simulator to establish the law of hot deformation and...

Authors: You Ping Yi, Yan Shi

Abstract: This work aims to investigate the influence of hot deformation on dynamic recrystallization(DRX) behavior of 7050 aluminum alloy by means...

Authors: Peng Lin Zhang, Tian Dong Xia, Guo Dong Zhang, Li Jing Yan

Abstract: The combustion process of Mg-TiO2 system was preliminarily investigated from three aspects of thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and the...

Authors: Zhong Kui Zhao, Qing Zhou Sun, Pu Qing Zhang, Chang Long Li, Xue Jiu Wang, Chang Qi Chen

Abstract: In this paper, Al-5.6Zn-2.8Mg-1.6Cu-0.24Cr-1.1Li, Al-8.0Zn-2.4Mg-2.4Cu-1.1Li-0.18Zr and Al-11.8Zn-2.9Mg-2.8Cu-1.1Li-0.24Zr (in wt%) alloys...

Authors: Hai Zhou, Fei Chen, Ying Ge Yang, Han Cheng Wan, Jia Qing Chen, Bin Yao, Ming Xi

Abstract: By low temperature gas multi-component thermochemical treatment, C, N, and O three elements are simultaneously infiltrated into the surface...

Authors: Li Guang Zhu, Wen Gang Lu, Yi Hua Han

Abstract: Using Gleeble-3500 thermal simulation testing machine, the high-temperature mechanical properties of GCr15 Bearing steel was tested. The...

Authors: Ying Cheng Hu

Abstract: The modulus of elasticity of wood, fiberboard and wood-fiberboard composite was measured by nondestructive test (longitudinal transmission...

Authors: Janina Setina, V. Akishins

Abstract: The article gives an overview of suitability of three kinds of phosphorus-containing glass systems: phosphate, alumosilicate phosphate and...

Authors: Tarja Jäppinen, Seppo Kivivuori

Abstract: In steel wire processing it is difficult to reach a homogenous structure throughout the cross-section of the wire particularly in greater...


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