Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Nan, Tao Xu, Zhi Dong Wei

Abstract: On the basis of suitable arrangement for the special stress surrounding and parameters selection, Realistic Failure Process Analysis 2-D...

Authors: Jian Feng Dai, Qing Wang, Wei Xue Li, Yong Fu Cui, Feng Zhang, Henry I. Smith

Abstract: The spatial phase locked scanning electron beam lithography systems (SPLEBL) is a new lithography technique with a pattern placement...

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Xiang Yu Liu, Kuang Fei Wang, Shou Ping Qi, Hong Wei Wang, Ji Tai Niu

Abstract: On the basis of similarity principle a water-simulative study of the process of rotating impeller degassing (RID) was executed by means of...

Authors: Hong Ying Yang, Su Kang Zhu, Ke Jing Li, Ning Pan

Abstract: In this paper, existing models of fabric’s optical behaviors are classified and estimated briefly. Then, basing on the optical theories,...

Authors: Zhong Feng Zhang, Wan Xi Peng, Kai Fu Li, Qing Zhi Ma

Abstract: The chemical components of red 1%NaOH extractives of Castanopsis fissa wood chips were separated and identified by GC/MS after enriching...

Authors: Ye Sheng Zhong, Li Ping Shi, Jia Yu, Xiao Dong He

Abstract: The preparation technologies of thermal barrier coating by the Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (EBPVD) technique were briefly...

Authors: Ping Ze Zhang, Zhi Yong He, Gao Hui Zhang, Xing Fu Rong, Hong Yan Wu, Zhong Xu

Abstract: This paper deals with the temperature measuring of the glow discharge zone in double glow plasma surface alloying process. CCD technique...

Authors: Chuan Qing Zhang, Xia Ting Feng, Hui Zhou, Shu Ling Huang, Quan Jiang

Abstract: Surrounding rock mass stability is one of the key technical problems in the design of the diversion tunnels in Jinping II Hydropower Plant...

Authors: Hai Long Su, Zong An Luo, Jin Wei, Dian Hua Zhang, Li Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the functions and tasks’ distribution of control system in thermo-mechanical simulator are described.The characters and...

Authors: Jaw Kuen Shiau, Der Ming Ma, Min Jou

Abstract: This paper discusses the magnetic drag force resulting from the relative motion of a permanent magnet moving along a finite dimensional...


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