Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Cheng Hu, Wei Ce Ma, Xiao Qian Li, Jue Zhong

Abstract: In order to understand the solidification behavior in the semi-continuous casting process of 7B50 aluminum alloy, a thermo-mechanical model...

Authors: Zong An Luo, Guo Dong Wang, Xiang Hua Liu, Jian Ping Li, Li Jun Wang, Fu An Hua

Abstract: In order to meet the demand of steelmakers, series of experimental facilities such as thermo-mechanical simulator, pilot hot rolling mills,...

Authors: Andriy Milenin, Zbigniew Muskalski, Piotr Kustra

Abstract: The fracture development during wire drawing operation is an important phenomenon governing the productivity as well as the mechanical...

Authors: Ming Hua Jiao, De Guang Wang, Ting Xie, Jian Wei Yu, Yan Guo Yin, Yu Cheng Wu

Abstract: The warm compaction process is simulated by the finite element analysis software which is MSC/MARC. The thermal mechanically coupled...

Authors: Richard Fabík, Jiří Kliber, Sergey Aksenov

Abstract: The paper reveals information about crack behavior during hot rolling of heavy-gauge products. FEM-based mathematical modeling has been...

Authors: Zhen Yu Cao, Feng Zhao, Xi Yan Li

Abstract: Dyes are colored organic compounds that are used to pigment fiber or other materials. Dyes are mainly calssified into natural and synthetic...

Authors: Zhi Chao Sun, He Yang, Xin Zhe Ou

Abstract: Hot ring rolling (HRR) is a 3D unsteady-state and coupled thermo-mechanical process, the metal undergoes complicated unequal deformation...

Authors: Byeong Choon Goo, Jung Won Seo

Abstract: Railcar wheels and axles belong to the most critical components in railway vehicles. The service conditions of railway vehicles have been...

Authors: Y.S. Wang, Juan Juan Wang, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: Based on the calculation formulas of heat treatment temperature field of the narrow strip spot of laser beam passing a scanning rotating...

Authors: Ying Wu Fang, Yi Wang

Abstract: An approach of numerical modeling and simulation algorithm is presented to predict dynamic behaviors of one kind of antenna radomes...


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