Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing

Volumes 575-578

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bing Lei, Guang Ze Dai, Qing Yuan Wang

Abstract: Flashover in compartment fire itself is a catastrophe process. Its catastrophe behavior can be analyzed, and its topological function...

Authors: Shao Peng Wu, Bo Li, Hong Wang, Jian Qiu

Abstract: Asphalt pavement serving as solar collector has been developed for the heating and cooling of adjacent buildings as well as to keep the...

Authors: Qing Zhi Ma, Wan Xi Peng, Dang Quan Zhang, Qi Mei Liu, Yi Qiang Wu

Abstract: The chemical components from superheated water extractive of fresh Phyllostachys heterocycla shavings were separated and identified by...

Authors: Wan Xi Peng, Kai Fu Li, Dang Quan Zhang, Yi Qiang Wu

Abstract: The extractives from the fresh E. urograndis wood were obtained through red 1%NaOH solution. The chemical components for the extractives...

Authors: Shou Ren Wang, Pei Quan Guo, Hong Yan Wang, Min Wang

Abstract: Owing to two phases are continuous and penetrated each other, Interpenetrating composites exhibit good abrasive wear properties, can be an...

Authors: Ting Tai Wang, Yu Guang Zhang, Lin Feng Yang, Jing Chang Zhang, Sheng Man Liu

Abstract: How the volume resistance rate of the conductive polymer composite material such as nitrile rubber (NBR) filled with ACET changes with...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Mao Zhong An, Jie Yu, Xu Ri Hu

Abstract: When Zn-Sn-Ni ternary alloy is electroplated on electrolyte copper foil, the surface properties can be comprehensively improved by using...

Authors: Rong Yao, Yu Bo Zhang, Zhen Chong Wang

Abstract: To a certain mortar, the identical measuring means can results in quite difference .Through determination intelligence concrete mortars...

Authors: Wei Ye, Chao Hui Zhang

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) has been widely accepted in modern integrated circuit (IC) industries and hard disk manufacturing...

Authors: Yan Wen Zhang, Ji Hui Wang, Yun Dong Ji

Abstract: Weight calculation of steel pipe by hand is difficult and apt to be inaccurate .It could be solved easily by Visual Basic programme.The...


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