Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

Volumes 580-582

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bok Kyu Lim, Min Gun Kim, Ku Hyun Chung, Dong Youl Kim, Young Woo Choi

Abstract: The stability of plate structure is a very critical problem. The spot welding is practically designed by experiential decisions; so, it is...

Authors: Pezhman Farhadi Sartangi, Seiyed Ali Asghar Akbari Mousavi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to produce composite plates by explosive cladding process. This is a process in which the controlled energy of...

Authors: Kwang Seok Kim, Joong Kyoo Kang, Joo Ho Heo, Sung Geun Lee

Abstract: The structural stress (SS) method developed by BATTELLE has been studied based on small or mid-size scale specimens. In order to apply the...

Authors: Kwang Choi

Abstract: This study was aimed at evaluation of residual stress of steel pipe structures. The production process of pipes was complex (at first...

Authors: You Chul Kim

Abstract: In discussion on reduction of energy and an environmental issue on a global scale, the research project had been organized in Japan. In the...

Authors: Yun Sok Ha, Si Hoon Cho, Tae Won Jang

Abstract: There are two ways of conventional thermal distortion analysis. One is thermal elastoplastic analysis and the other is equivalent forces...

Authors: Kyong Ho Chang, H.C. Park, Chin Hyung Lee, Gab Chul Jang, Sang Hyong Lee, E.H. Choi, Young Eui Shin, Jong Min Kim, J.H. Lee

Abstract: In recent years, the replacement repair welding, through which damaged bridges are repaired by replacing of the damaged sections with new...

Authors: Shinichi Tashiro, Toru Iwao, Tuginori Inaba, Manabu Tanaka

Abstract: We have developed non-equilibrium simulation model of GTA. In this paper, simulation results of plasma property of argon GTA at atmospheric...

Authors: Chi Seung Lee, Myung Hyun Kim, Min Sung Chun, Tak Kee Lee, Jae Myung Lee

Abstract: The aim of this study is the development of a numerical technique applicable for the fatigue assessment based on the damage mechanics...

Authors: Hideaki Shirai, Shigetaka Okano, Masahito Mochizuki, Masao Toyoda

Abstract: Different techniques are being studied to make the automotive electrical parts more compact and lightweight; along with improving their...


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