Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

Volumes 580-582

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joo Han Kim, Hyang Tae Kim, Chul Ku Lee

Abstract: UV curing adhesives have been introduced for bonding various materials at a room temperature. It has the advantage of putting minimum...

Authors: Guo Liang Qin, Xu You Wang, Shang Yang Lin

Abstract: Based on the bead on plate test and the effects of heat input on weld penetration, the equivalence between 2 kW CW (Continuous Wave) Nd:YAG...

Authors: Hyun Guen Kim, Kazuhiro Nakata, Takuya Tsumura, Masaharu Sugiyama, Takanori Igarashi, Masahiro Fukumoto, Hisamichi Kimura, Akihisa Inoue

Abstract: The Fe-based bulk metallic glass (Fe43Cr16Mo16C15B10) sprayed coating with the thickness about 220%m was successfully deposited on an...

Authors: Shinichiro Adachi, Kazuhiro Nakata

Abstract: The effects of the plasma spraying parameters on the strength of an Al2O3 coating were investigated by changing the input electrical power...

Authors: Jae Woong Kim, Choong Gi Kim

Abstract: The welding process, incorporating rapid heating and cooling, generates distortion and residual stress in weldments. Prediction and control...

Authors: Yuji Sakai, Kazuhiro Nakata, Takuya Tsumura, Mitsuji Ueda, Tomoyuki Ueyama, Katsuya Akamatsu

Abstract: Noncombustible magnesium alloy AMC602 (Mg-6mass%Al-2mass%Ca) extruded sheet of 2.0mm thickness was successfully welded using a fiber laser...

Authors: Jeng O Kim, Jeong Suh, Jae Hoon Lee, Sang Hyun Ryu, Ji Whan Noh

Abstract: The optimized condition has been researched, for welding super alloys (Inconel 600, Inconel 625 and Haynes 230), which are used for liquid...

Authors: Mok Young Lee, Woong Seong Chang, Sook Hwan Kim

Abstract: Magnesium alloys are becoming important material for light weight car body, due to their low specific density but high specific strength....

Authors: Soo Sung Kim, Geun Il Park, Jin Hyun Koh

Abstract: This work was carried out to obtain sound welds and to select the most suitable binary metal joint among three different dissimilar metal...

Authors: Myeong Hoon Lee, Jong Do Kim, Il Yong Bae

Abstract: In general, magnesium metal is not used as uncoated material on account of its corrosion characteristic. This work was done by preparing...


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