Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D.T. Thao, Il Soo Kim

Abstract: Gas Metal Arc (GMA) welding process has widely been employed due to the wide range of applications, cheap consumables and easy handling. A...

Authors: Ario Sunar Baskoro, Masashi Kabutomori, Yasuo Suga

Abstract: This paper proposes an image sensing system for the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process of aluminum pipe. In automatic welding...

Authors: Emmanuel Bauné, E. Galand, B. Leduey, G. Liberati, G. Cumino, S. Caminada, A. Di Gianfrancesco, L. Cipolla

Abstract: Increased efficiency and emission reduction in modern power plants lead to the use of new advanced materials with enhanced creep strength,...

Authors: Chang Keun Chun, Heung Ju Kim, Hyeon Jin Cho, Teuk Ki Kim, Woong Seong Chang

Abstract: Dissimilar friction spot lap joining of Al5052 and Al6022 sheet has been investigated using a combination of joining parameters, thickness...

Authors: Hidetoshi Fujii, Takahiro Tatsuno, Takuya Tsumura, Manabu Tanaka, Kazuhiro Nakata

Abstract: A new welding technique called hybrid FSW was developed to decrease the tool load and the defects during the FSW of high melting point...

Authors: Soo Sung Kim, Dae Seo Koo, Geun Il Park, Jin Hyun Koh

Abstract: The remote resistance welding technology in the hot cell environment for DUPIC (Direct Use of spent PWR fuel In CANDU reactors) fuel...

Authors: Lin Jie Zhang, Jian Xun Zhang, Wei Liang, Hisashi Serizawa, Hidekazu Murakawa

Abstract: An in-house developed FE code, based on the idea of Iterative Substructure Method, was used to evaluate the effectiveness of fixture and...

Authors: Tie Jun Ma, Wen Ya Li, Q.Z. Xu, Y. Zhang, Jing Long Li, S.Q. Yang

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V was successfully jointed by linear friction welding (LFW). A sound weld of thickness of 65-115 $m was obtained under the present...

Authors: M. Yamamoto, A. Gerlich, T.H. North, K. Shinozaki

Abstract: Liquid Penetration Induced (LPI) cracking during AZ91, AZ31 and AM60 friction stir spot welding is investigated. The temperature cycles,...

Authors: Ho Chel Yoon, Yon Jig Kim, Han Ju Park, Jae Kyoo Lim

Abstract: Failure strength evaluation on resistance welding mixed adhesive bonding was studied. Tensile-shear tests were carried out with the...


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