Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

Volumes 580-582

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Authors: Seiyed Ali Asghar Akbari Mousavi, A. Rahbar Kelishami

Abstract: All of the experiments performed on friction welding combinations of 304SS and mild steel are modeled using the ABAQUS code and the...

Authors: Satoshi Yamane, Toru Nakajima, Hikaru Yamamoto, Yasuyoshi Kaneko, Kenji Oshima

Abstract: The formation of stable back beads in the first layer weld during one side multilayer welding is important to achieve high quality welded...

Authors: Joong Geun Youn, Tae Dong Park

Abstract: The HAZ softening of the ultra fine grained steel weldment occurs when welding heat input is higher than the critical value. The critical...

Authors: Hsuan Liang Lin, Chang Pin Chou, Ming Song Chen

Abstract: In order to achieve single pass welds without edge preparation, instead of multipass procedures, one of the most notable techniques is to...

Authors: Kazuhiro Nakata, Hirohisa Ikegami, Takuya Tsumura

Abstract: Lap joint of AZ31 Mg alloy extruded sheet can be successfully made by friction spot joining (FSJ) process. Joint strength was strongly...

Authors: Souta Matsusaka, Toshiro Uezono, Takuya Tsumura, Manabu Tanaka, Takehiro Watanabe

Abstract: Galvanized steel sheets with a lap joint were welded by a laser-arc hybrid process. The hybrid system consisted of 2kW LD or YAG laser...

Authors: Yoshinori Hirata, K. Ohnishi

Abstract: A numerical model of time-dependent gas shielded metal arc is described, which was developed in order to make clear the kinetics of arc...

Authors: H.U. Hong, Jong B. Lee

Abstract: The optimization of electric resistance welding conditions has been investigated in order to improve the resistance to hydrogen induced...

Authors: Yong Joon Cho, In Sung Chang, Heui Bom Lee

Abstract: While resistance spot welding (RSW) has been the most successful sheet metal joining process in automotive industry, there are still...

Authors: Y.C. Chen, T. Komazaki, Y.G. Kim, Takuya Tsumura, Kazuhiro Nakata

Abstract: AC4C cast aluminum alloy and zinc-coated steel were friction stir lap welded, and the microstructures and mechanical properties of the...


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