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Authors: Feng Gao, Hiroshi Nishikawa, Tadashi Takemoto

Abstract: The lead-free casting solders Sn-3.5Ag-xCo (x = 0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1.0 mass%, respectively) were subjected to isothermal aging at 150°C for 0,...

Authors: Seong Hyuk Lee, Jung Hee Lee, Jin Woon Lee, Jong Min Kim

Abstract: A new hybrid soldering and conductive adhesive joining technology using a fusible lowmelting- point alloy (LMPA) have been developed. A...

Authors: Jong Min Kim, K.C. Yang, S.B. Lee, Seong Hyuk Lee, Young Eui Shin, Kyong Ho Chang, J.G. Han, Y.S. Eom, J.T. Moon, J.W. Baek, Jae Do Nam

Abstract: A novel electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) with solder particle have been developed. The kinetics of the curing reaction were...

Authors: Kiyokazu Yasuda, Ikuo Shohji, Tadashi Takemoto

Abstract: A tensile test was conducted to evaluate thermal fatigue resistances of Sn-Bi (-Ag) and Sn-Ag-Bi-Cu lead-free solder alloys. The test is...

Authors: Shinji Fukumoto, Shigeru Morikawa, Atsushi Yamamoto

Abstract: Resistance microwelding of fine crossed wires is of increasing industrial importance for medical devices, but the understanding of the...

Authors: Bo In Noh, Jong Bum Lee, Bo Young Lee, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: The electrochemical migration (ECM) with flexible printed circuit board (PCB) was affected by factors such as distance between the...

Authors: Jeong K. Hong, Ping Sha Dong

Abstract: Solder fatigue is one of the major product reliability concerns in electric packaging design. In this paper, the application of a...

Authors: Fang Jie Cheng, Hiroshi Nishikawa, Tadashi Takemoto

Abstract: Effects of isothermal aging on the microstructure and tensile behavior of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu-0.2Co (SAC305-0.2Co) solder was explored, and...

Authors: Hiroshi Nishikawa, Akira Komatsu, Tadashi Takemoto

Abstract: The reaction between Sn-Ag (-Co) solder and electroless Ni-P plating was investigated in order to clarify the effect of the addition of Co...

Authors: S.W. Han, Kyong Ho Chang, J.G. Han, Il Je Cho, Jong Min Kim, M.G. Choi, Y.T. Kim, Young Eui Shin

Abstract: The reliability of QFP (Quad flat package) solder joint using Sn-8Zn-3Bi solder paste under the thermal shock test was investigated....


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