Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

Volumes 580-582

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sang Cheol Kil, Hwan Tae Kim

Abstract: The trend of the welding technology of lightweight alloys such as aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy has been studied. The lightweight...

Authors: Kil Sung Lee, Hyeon Kyeong Seo, Woo Chae Hwang, Jung Ho Kim, Yong Jun Yang, In Young Yang

Abstract: Currently, the most important objective in designing automobiles is to focus on environment-friendly and safety performance aspects. For...

Authors: Sung Il Seo, Jung Seok Kim, Se Hyun Cho, Seong Chul Kim

Abstract: Sandwich panels are widely used in the main structure of aircrafts and ships because of their lightweight, high strength, stiffness,...

Authors: Joon Sik Park, B.Y. Jung, Hiroshi Yajima, Jong Bong Lee

Abstract: In this study, the effect of thickness on the fracture toughness of the steel plate with the thickness of 80mm has been investigated by the...

Authors: William C. Mohr

Abstract: The American Welding Society has developed its first welding design code for titanium alloy welded structures, through its consensus...

Authors: Seung Ho Han, Jeong Woo Han, Yong Yun Nam

Abstract: Mechanical post treatments for welded structures have been applied in various industrial fields and, in most cases, have been found to...

Authors: Mitsuyoshi Matsumoto

Abstract: Previously, object-oriented inspections have been conducted by the regulatory authority for the welding of electric power generating...

Authors: Sang Ki Park, Doo Song Gil, Yeon Shik Ahn, Yong Sang Cho

Abstract: Since Power Plant has tens of thousands welded parts in its structures, the quality on the welded parts are always a key factor for...

Authors: Hyoung Tae Kim, Ki Hoon Shin

Abstract: This paper presents a study on the relationship between feedrate and fatigue life of Al7075-T6 specimens before and after shotpeening. For...

Authors: Kinya Mitani, Masahito Mochizuki, Masao Toyoda

Abstract: Development of a non-contact method for measuring the degree of corrosion is highly desired by those who are involved in the maintenance...


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