Advanced Welding and Micro Joining / Packaging for the 21st Century

Volumes 580-582

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Authors: Hitoshi Ozaki, Reiji Ichioka, Takashi Matsuura, Muneharu Kutsuna

Abstract: Titanium is one of structural materials. It has several advantages such as high corrosion resistance and high strength-to-weight ratio. The...

Authors: Cui Li, Wei Qi, Kutsuna Muneharu

Abstract: A zircon coating was applied on the surface of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by plasma spray and its effect on the high temperature tensile properties of...

Authors: Muneharu Kutsuna

Abstract: High power lasers, including CO2 laser, Nd:YAG laser, Excimer laser, Diode laser, LD pumped YAG laser, LD pumped Disk laser, LD pumped...

Authors: J.G. Han, Kyong Ho Chang, Gab Chul Jang, K.K. Hong, Sam Deok Cho, Young Seok Kim, J.M. Kim, Y.E. Shin

Abstract: Recently, in the loading tests for steel members, the deformation value is measured by calculating a distance of both cross-heads. This...

Authors: Hee Y. Kim, Seung Soo Han, Sung Bok Hong, Sang Jeen Hong

Abstract: As the demand of higher throughput in high volume surface mounting technology (SMT) industry, inspection and testing have been notably...

Authors: Hee Shin Kang, Jeong Suh, Taik Dong Cho

Abstract: In order to obtain a good result in the laser welding process, the laser welding technology for manufacturing an automobile body is studied...

Authors: Gwang Ho Kim, Ju Hwan Kim, Sang Hee Lee, Sang Moon Shin, Sang Hwa Jeong

Abstract: The robot industry of the 21st century is focused on humanoid robot. It has more intelligence and is able to move dexterously like a...

Authors: Jinya Katsuyama, Masahito Mochizuki, Hiroaki Mori, W. Asano, Gyu Baek An, Masao Toyoda

Abstract: Recently, stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of primary piping of stainless steel has been observed. SCC is considered to initiate and...

Authors: Masahito Mochizuki, Shigetaka Okano, Gyu Baek An, Masao Toyoda

Abstract: The welding residual stress of a butt-welded pipe joint is evaluated, using inherent strain analysis. The residual stress distribution is...

Authors: Gab Chul Jang, Kyong Ho Chang

Abstract: In steel structures, the mechanical characteristics and the hysteretic behavior during dynamic behavior is different to those during static...


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