Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV

Volumes 584-586

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daisuke Terada, Toshiaki Masui, Naoya Kamikawa, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: Effect of solid solution elements on microstructure evolution and mechanical properties was investigated using a high purity Al (purity...

Authors: David Geist, Christian Rentenberger, Hans Peter Karnthaler

Abstract: The L12-structured intermetallic compound Zr3Al can be rendered amorphous easily by several techniques. In the present study the structural...

Authors: Sergey V. Dobatkin, Yuri Estrin, L.L. Rokhlin, Mikhail V. Popov, Rimma Lapovok, Tatiana V. Dobatkina, V.N. Timofeev, N.I. Nikitina

Abstract: Severe plastic deformation of a Mg-Al-Ca alloy resulted in different types of grain structure. High pressure torsion (HPT) was shown to...

Authors: Jan Pospiech, Andrzej Korbel, Jan T. Bonarski, Włodzimierz Bochniak, Leszek Tarkowski

Abstract: The effects associated with the change of the deformation path - such as the replacement of homogeneous multi-slip by heterogeneous...

Authors: Tamás Ungár, L. Balogh, Gábor Ribárik

Abstract: High resolution X-ray line profile analysis is sensitive to crystallite size, dislocation densities and character, and to planar defects,...

Authors: Quang Hien Bui, Guy F. Dirras, A. Hocini, Salah Ramtani, Akrum Abdul-Latif, Jenő Gubicza, Thierry Chauveau, Z. Fogarassy

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained aluminum microstructures were processed from commercial purity powder by combining hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and...

Authors: Satyam Suwas, Somjeet Biswas, Satyaveer Singh Dhinwal, Kamanio Chattopadhyay

Abstract: In the present work, a thorough investigation of evolution of microstructure and texture has been carried out to elucidate the evolution of...

Authors: Jakub Čížek, Ivan Procházka, Bohumil Smola, Ivana Stulíková, Martin Vlach, Rinat K. Islamgaliev, Olya B. Kulyasova

Abstract: Mg-Tb-Nd ternary alloy represents a novel hardenable Mg-based alloy with enhanced strength and favorable creep properties. In the present...

Authors: Yoshikazu Todaka, Yoshii Miki, Minoru Umemoto, Chao Hui Wang, Koichi Tsuchiya

Abstract: The microstructure and the mechanical properties of pure Fe after HPT-straining at a rotation-speed of 0.2 rpm under a compression pressure...

Authors: Olivier Bouaziz, A. Aouafi, Sebastien Allain

Abstract: New experimental data related to the grain size and the Bauschinger effects have been obtained for ferritic steels with grain size in the...


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