Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Joanna Ryszkowska, Ewelina Zawadzak

Abstract: In the present study the distribution of nanofillers in the polyurethane matrix and the composite properties were investigated. As a...

Authors: Ana C. Coelho, P. Brandão, António M. dos Santos, João Rocha, Isabel S. Gonçalves

Abstract: The microporous titanosilicate ETS-10 was subjected to three cycles of ferricinium ion ([(η5-C5H5)2Fe]+, Fc+) exchange by using aqueous...

Authors: Ivana Cesarino, Éder T.G. Cavalheiro, Glimaldo Marino, Jivaldo R. Matos

Abstract: Mesoporous silica can be modified and functionalised by immobilisation of organic substances covalently bonded to the silanol groups on the...

Authors: B. Silva, Hugo Figueiredo, Cristina Quintelas, I.C. Neves, T. Tavares

Abstract: The removal of metallic ions from binary aqueous solutions of Fe(III)/Cr(III) and Fe(III)/Cr(VI) by an Arthrobacter viscosus biofilm...

Authors: J.M. González, José A. Rodríguez, Enrique J. Herrera

Abstract: Nickel powder was dry-milled using a high-energy disc-oscillating mill. The average particle size increases and the specific surface area...

Authors: Cristina Galacho, Manuela M.L. Ribeiro Carrott, Peter J.M. Carrott, J.M. Valente Nabais

Abstract: Mesoporous titanosilicates were directly synthesised at ambient temperature and pressure, considering a wide range of metal content...

Authors: Alvaro Rico, Miguel Angel Garrido, Alicia Salazar, Enrique Otero, J. Rodríguez

Abstract: It has been generally accepted that a nanostructured material exhibits better properties than conventional ones. Nanostructured ceramic...

Authors: Sonia Simões, Rosa Calinas, P.J. Ferreira, M. Teresa Vieira, Filomena Viana, Manuel F. Vieira

Abstract: Nanocrystalline metals demonstrate a broad range of fascinating mechanical properties at the nanoscale, namely a significant increase in...

Authors: Liliana I. Duarte, Filomena Viana, Manuel F. Vieira, Ana Sofia Ramos, M. Teresa Vieira, U.E. Klotz

Abstract: Successful solid state bonding of titanium aluminides requires the use of high temperature and pressure. In previous works, authors have...

Authors: H.R. Baharvandi, Hossein Abdizadeh, N. Ehsani, M.M. Mir Mohammad Ali Tadjrishi, H. Nami

Abstract: Nanostructured CuO powders have been synthesized using chemical methods in the current study. Ammonium oxalate and copper nitrate were used...


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