Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.P. Gameiro, José Cirne

Abstract: Cork is a natural cellular material which has been used for centuries, in natural and agglomerate forms, mainly for applications related to...

Authors: João P. Borges, M.H. Godinho

Abstract: In an attempt to improve the mechanical properties of an all-cellulose based composite we made solid flexible films containing...

Authors: M. Carreira, António Estevao Candeias, A. Manhita, C.T. Costa, P.J. Mendes, A.J. Palace Carvalho, J.P. Prates Ramalho

Abstract: Geometry optimization of free alizarin, purpurin and luteolin and coordinated Fe(II) complexes was performed at DFT/B3LYP level. TD-DFT...

Authors: M. Carmo Lança, Stefan Peuckert, Eugen R. Neagu, Luís Gil, Paulo C. Silva, José N. Marat-Mendes

Abstract: Lately the electrical and dielectric properties of cork and some cork-based materials (commercial and non-commercial) have been studied in...

Authors: Peter J.M. Carrott, Manuela M.L. Ribeiro Carrott, Suhas, Paulo A.M. Mourão, C.I. Guerrero, L.A. Delgado

Abstract: Activated carbons have been prepared by physical activation in CO2 of commercial byproduct kraft lignin (as received, after de-ashing and...

Authors: Filipe Neves, Isabel M. Martins, Jose Brito Correia, Manuela Oliveira, Eric Gaffet

Abstract: This study reports the use of X-ray diffraction quantitative phase analyses in NiTi alloys produced by MARES (Mechanically Activated...

Authors: Anna Boczkowska, Stefan F. Awietjan

Abstract: The aim of the study was to develop an innovative processing method of magnetorheological elastomers (MRE). This method comprises...

Authors: Andersan S. Paula, Karimbi Koosappa Mahesh, C.M.L. Santos, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, C.S.C. Viana

Abstract: Shape memory effect (SME) in Nickel-Titanium (Ni-Ti) alloys is ascribed to the thermoelastic reversible martensite phase transformation....

Authors: H.M. Pinto, Joao Correia, Russell Binions, Clara Piccirillo, Ivan P. Parkin, Vasco Teixeira

Abstract: A numerical model was developed which enables the calculation of the optical constants (refractive index, n and extinction coefficient, k)...

Authors: Carlos A. Ramos, Rui de Oliveira, António Torres Marques

Abstract: In this study the embedding of piezoelectric ceramics in carbon-fibre/epoxy laminates is studied with the purpose to be used for structural...


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