Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Paula C. Oliveira, M.C. Rosa, Lucinda Gonçalves, Maria A. Trancoso, Carlos A. Nogueira

Abstract: Sludges generated in leather tanning processing are very complex wastes with potential deleterious effect on the environment and its...

Authors: R.N.G. Guerra, Carlos A. Nogueira, Fernanda Margarido

Abstract: The hydrometallurgical processing of metal bearing residues is one of the established routes envisaging metals recovery. In these...

Authors: Anabela Correia, Alexandra Franco, Teresa Chambino, Filomena Bartolomeu

Abstract: The use of Al mineral salts in wastewater treatment is a well known process and most common [1]. For a long time we have been studying the...

Authors: M.C. Ferreira, Wilson Acchar, Ana M. Segadães, Sonia Regina Homem de Mello-Castanho

Abstract: Brazil has one of the world’s most important Bauxite deposits, the raw material for the aluminium extraction metallurgy. This work is...

Authors: Marta Cabral, João C. Bordado, António Correia Diogo, Fernanda Margarido

Abstract: The main purpose of the present study is to assess the usefulness of filter cartridges from end-of-life biological and chemical protection...

Authors: R. Sansosti, D. Vuono, Alfonso Nastro

Abstract: In Italy, the amount of thermoplastic materials is 5 million tons. The recovery is necessary through simple processes with high efficiency....

Authors: Regina da Conceição Corredeira Monteiro, M.M.R.A. Lima, C.S. Clemente

Abstract: The possibility of using fly ash and shale as alternative raw materials for the production of structural ceramics was investigated. Fly ash...

Authors: A. Di Paola, M. Addamo, M. Bellardita, E. García-López, G. Marcì, L. Palmisano

Abstract: Photoactive films consisting of pure anatase, brookite or rutile were deposited on glass slides by a dip coating process from water...

Authors: C.M. Abreu, M.J. Cristóbal, P. Merino, Xosé R. Nóvoa, G. Pena, M.C. Pérez

Abstract: Surface analysis techniques (XPS and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction GIXRD) and electrochemical techniques have been combined to...

Authors: J.M. Valente Nabais, A. Padre-Eterno, Peter J.M. Carrott, Manuela M.L. Ribeiro Carrott, Cristina Galacho

Abstract: In this work we studied the production of activated carbon fibres in monolith shape from a commercial textile acrylic fibre. The monoliths...


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