Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Célia Resende, Paulo B. Cachim, Ana Maria Bastos

Abstract: Copper slag is a copper industry waste that is essentially used as an abrasive for metals to remove coatings or paintings, due to its...

Authors: A.F. Cristino, M.E. Melo Jorge, Manuela M. Salta, António Santos Silva

Abstract: This work concerns with the study of coatings to inhibit the ingress of water and also the use of lithium nitrate to modify the swelling...

Authors: M.P. Seabra, Joao A. Labrincha, Victor M. Ferreira

Abstract: One of the key characteristics of fresh mortars is their rheological behaviour since it determines the material workability and has a clear...

Authors: Vítor M.C.F. Cunha, Joaquim Barros, José Sena-Cruz

Abstract: The experimental results of hooked-end steel fibers pullout tests on a self-compacting concrete medium are presented and discussed in this...

Authors: S. Ribeiro, J.S.C. Vieira, C.C.D. Exposito, J.A. Rodrigues

Abstract: To study the fracture energy of materials, the stable crack propagation must be observed during the test. To this end, an appropriate...

Authors: Simão Santos, Joaquim Barros, Lúcio Lourenço

Abstract: The available research has evidenced that discrete steel fibers can increase significantly the shear resistance of High Strength Concrete...

Authors: Luís G. Reis, Bin Li, Manuel de Freitas

Abstract: In real engineering components and structures, many accidental failures are due to unexpected or additional loadings, such as additional...

Authors: Joan Formosa, L. Haurie, J.M. Chimenos, Anna M. Lacasta, Joan Ramon Rosell

Abstract: There exists an increasing concern about the dangers originated in a building in case of fire. In this work the behaviour of vermiculite as...

Authors: M.C.S. Ribeiro, J.A. Rodrigues, António J.M. Ferreira, António Torres Marques

Abstract: In the present study, fire reaction improvement of an epoxy polymer mortar (PM) formulation, induced by polymer modification with three...

Authors: Rute Eires, Aires Camões, Saíd Jalali

Abstract: The sustainable world’s economic growth and people’s life improvement greatly depend on the use of alternative products in the architecture...


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