Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Margarida, R.A. Lima, Regina da Conceição Corredeira Monteiro

Abstract: The densification during sintering of borosilicate glass matrix composites with 25 vol. % alumina (Al2O3) particles was investigated. The...

Authors: A. Almeida, Tatiana M. Correia, M.R. Chaves, Paula M. Vilarinho, Andréi L. Kholkin

Abstract: In an attempt to gain a better understanding of the lattice dynamics in lanthanum doped SrTiO3 (STO) ceramics, with general formulae...

Authors: Irene G. Cano, S. Dosta, R. Caldeira, J.R. Miguel, J.M. Guilemany

Abstract: It is well known that microstructure evolution during rapid solidification depends on the rate between undercooling and solidification...

Authors: Teresa P. Duarte, Rui J.L. Neto, Rui Félix, F. Jorge Lino

Abstract: Companies are continuously under pressure to innovate their products and processes. In Portugal, there are already several examples of...

Authors: Govind P. Kothiyal, Arvind Anathanarayanan, Babita Tiwari, Madhumita Goswami, V.K. Shrikhande

Abstract: Glass and glass-ceramics (GCs) find wide applications in various disciplines of science and technology including sealing, vacuum, energy...

Authors: Horst Altenburg, Julian Plewa

Abstract: In this review a small overview is given about methods of powder preparation and thick films tested in the field of...

Authors: Rajendra Kumar Singh, A. Perumal, Govind P. Kothiyal, A. Srinivasan

Abstract: We report the evolution of magnetism in bioglass ceramics 41CaO.(52-x)SiO2.4P2O5. xFe2O3.3Na2O (2 ≤ x ≤ 10 mole % Fe2O3) prepared by melt...

Authors: Vanessa Livramento, Jose Brito Correia, Filipe Neves, Rosa Calinas, M. Teresa Vieira

Abstract: Copper nitride films prepared by sputtering have applications such as optical data storage material, insulation barriers in micro...

Authors: Renato Luiz Siqueira, Luiz Claudio Pardini, Inez Valéria Pagotto Yoshida, Marco Antônio Schiavon

Abstract: This work reports the synthesis and thermal characterization of poly(borosiloxanes) (PBS) derived from methyltrietoxysilane (MTES) and...

Authors: Ana Rita Campos, António M. Cunha, Alberto Tielas, António Mateos

Abstract: The interest of the automotive industry on biodegradable and green composites is increasing dramatically due two environmental legislation...


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