Advanced Materials Forum IV

Volumes 587-588

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.M. Torres, João Pedro Nunes, João F. Silva, António Torres Marques

Abstract: A cost efficient powder coating technology developed in previous work [1-3] was modified to produce glass fibre/polyvinyl chloride (GF/PVC)...

Authors: R.F. Silva, João F. Silva, João Pedro Nunes, Carlos A. Bernardo, António Torres Marques

Abstract: Thermoplastics are replacing traditional thermosetting resins as matrices in composite materials in many applications due to their enhanced...

Authors: Cornel Miclea, Constantin Tanasoiu, Corneliu Florin Miclea, I. Spanulescu, C.N. Plavitu, M. Cioangher, L. Trupina, C.T. Miclea, M. Susu

Abstract: The displacement devices using piezoceramic sensors play an important role in many fields. Soft type piezoelectric materials used for such...

Authors: J. Íñiguez, V. Raposo, Pablo Hernández-Gómez

Abstract: An accurate technique for contact-less measurement of resistivity in non-magnetic conductive tubes has been developed. It is intended for...

Authors: Rosa M.F. Batista, Susana P.G. Costa, Carlos Lodeiro, Michael Belsley, E. de Matos Gomes, M. Manuela M. Raposo

Abstract: A new series of oligothienyl-imidazo-phenanthrolines 3 were synthesised in good to excellent yields by condensation of...

Authors: M. Manuela M. Raposo, Ana M. Ferreira, Michael Belsley, E. de Matos Gomes, J.C.V.P. Moura

Abstract: The synthesis of 5-arylazo- substituted bithiophenes and their UV-visible, solvatochromic and nonlinear optical properties (NLO) are...

Authors: Mattia Longhin, Alain J. Kreisler, Annick F. Dégardin

Abstract: The terahertz domain (500 GHz - 5 THz) has been object of unceasing research activities, due to the wide range of conceivable applications...

Authors: L. Patron, O. Carp, I. Mindru, Gabriela Marinescu, L. Diamandescu, Armin Reller

Abstract: The possibility of obtaining yttrium iron garnet (Y3Fe5O12, YIG) through thermal decomposition of two coordination compounds with malate...

Authors: J. Díaz-Reyes, Miguel Galvan-Arellano, R. Peña-Sierra

Abstract: This work presents the optical and structural characterization of p-type GaAs epilayers. The gallium precursor was the organometallic...

Authors: L.F.F.T.T.G. Rodrigues, César A.C. Sequeira

Abstract: The electrochromic response of the Prussian blue (PB) system is produced by the electrochemical reaction of the colourless Everitt’s salt...


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