Advanced Powder Technology VI

Volumes 591-593

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: N.A. Braga, N.G. Ferreira, Francisco Piorino Neto, M.R. Baldan, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo

Abstract: Titanium is an attractive material for structural and biomedical applications because of its excellent corrosion resistance,...

Authors: Uilame Umbelino Gomes, L.A. Oliveira, S.R.S. Soares, M. Furukava, C.P. Souza

Abstract: Sintered stainless steel has a wide range of applications mainly in the automotive industry. Properties such as wear resistance, density...

Authors: Sami Ahonen, Christoph Laumen, Sören Wiberg

Abstract: Atmosphere control in a continuous sintering furnace is one of the most important variables in a successful sintering process. This...

Authors: L.H.F. Borges, H.C.P. Oliveira, R.S. Guimarães, T. Kobayashi, Marcello Filgueira

Abstract: Hardmetal alloys are processed by liquid phase sintering, which consist of one refractory carbide, embebided in to a tough matrix of Co....

Authors: F.L. Rodrigues, M.A. Soares, Maria do Carmo Silva, Claudemiro Bolfarini, M.D.C. Sobral

Abstract: Silicon-iron alloys with silicon content about 6.5wt.%Si offer a great potential for applications aiming reduction of core loss in electric...

Authors: João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno, M.S.C. Gama, N.C. Silva

Abstract: The suspended particles in the air are a factor that causes chronic illnesses to the respiratory system, which go from allergy to severe...

Authors: R.O. Lourenço, Kássia Graciele dos Santos, Valéria V. Murata, Claudio Roberto Duarte, Humberto Molinar Henrique, Marcos A.S. Barrozo

Abstract: The particle circulation rate and gas–solid contacting efficiency are important parameters for the project of spouted beds, applied in many...

Authors: Cássia Regina Cardoso, Carlos Henrique Ataíde, J.M. Abreu

Abstract: The minimum fluidization velocity is an important parameter in the design and operation of an industrial unit of fluidization. In the...

Authors: Luiz Gustavo Martins Vieira, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno, Marcos A.S. Barrozo

Abstract: The filtering hydrocyclone is a solid-liquid separation device patented by the Chemical Engineering School of the Federal University of...

Authors: M.A. Felicetti, José Renato Coury, M.L. Aguiar

Abstract: The centrifugal technique was used to investigate the influence of particle size, applied compression and substrate materials (stainless...


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