Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Tao Luo, Bao Guo Ma, Jiu Jun Yang, Xiang Guo Li

Abstract: In the environments of saturated limewater at 20±2°C and fly ash in cement mortars at 20±2°C, the hydration mechanism of fly ash is studied....

Authors: Lan Zhang, Yang Ju, Atsushi Hosoi, Akifumi Fujimoto

Abstract: To confirm the sensitivity in the measurement of electrical properties affected by the nano structure of microwave AFM (M-AFM) probe, three...

Authors: Shan Li, Hui Tao Ren, Yi Yan Lu, Mu Huan Shi

Abstract: Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) material is increasingly being used for the repair of steel structures, mainly because of their...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Xiao Feng Shang

Abstract: Laser additive direct deposition of metals is a new rapid manufacturing technology, which combines with computer aided design, laser...

Authors: Peng Gang Wang, Peng Zhang, Tie Jun Zhao, F.H. Wittmann, Ling Cui

Abstract: By now, it is well-known that concrete will lose strength after exposure to elevated temperature. In this case, the damaged concrete is...

Authors: Xiao Ying Fang, Hong Guo, Wei Guo Wang

Abstract: The grain boundary character distributions (GBCDs) of two 304-type austenitic stainless steel samples, which are cold rolled with the same...

Authors: Qian Cong, Fu Min Xu, Jia Yan Li, Yi Tan, Xiao Lei Shi, Shu Ang Shi, Wei Dong

Abstract: Five-layered Al/Al-Cu functionally graded material (FGM) was fabricated by powder metallurgy technology. The microstructure and composition...

Authors: Nan Wang, Shi Lang Xu

Abstract: The flexural behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) members strengthened with postpoured Ultra High Toughness Cementitious Composites (UHTCC)...

Authors: P. Zhang, Fu Cheng Zhang, Z.G. Yan, Tian Sheng Wang, Li He Qian

Abstract: Rolling contact fatigue (RCF) properties of low-temperature bainitic microstructure in the surface layer of a low-carbon steel, obtained by...

Authors: Jun Li, Zhi Shui Yu, Hui Ping Wang

Abstract: Titanium-based coatings reinforced by in situ synthesized TiB and TiC were deposited on Ti6Al4V by laser cladding. The effects of Y2O3 on...


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