Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Lu, Guang Ping Zou, Bao Jun Liu

Abstract: Honeycomb sandwich structures are generally designed to carry flexural loads. However, mechanical properties can be influenced by accidental...

Authors: Chin Chun Chang, Ji Gang Yang, Ling Qi, Chang Pin Chou

Abstract: The effect of dissimilar welding of 7050/2024 aluminum alloy on mechanical properties and microstructure were analyzed and investigated. The...

Authors: Y. Hao, Bo Gao, Gan Feng Tu, Z. Wang, Sheng Zhi Hao

Abstract: The paper reports an analysis of the effect of high current pulsed electron beam(HCPEB) on microstructure transformations and wear...

Authors: De Peng Chen, Chun Lin Liu, Chun Xiang Qian

Abstract: SAPs (Super Absorbent Polymers) are a group of polymeric materials that have the ability to absorb a significant amount of liquid many times...

Authors: Peng Liu, Zhi Wu Yu, Ling Kun Chen, Zhu Ding

Abstract: Phosphoaluminate cement (PAC) is a kind of new cementitious material which has many special properties compared to Portland cement (PC). PAC...

Authors: Bo Xin Wang, Huan An He

Abstract: Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-stressing Concrete (SFRSSC for short) is a new type of high performance cementitious composite with...

Authors: Xiao Fei Ding, Y. Tan, Bao Qing Zeng

Abstract: Three types of TiAl-Nb ternary alloys are obtained by arc-melting and heat treatment, which are γ-TiAl single phase, γ-TiAl + α2-Ti3Al...

Authors: Wei Hua Kuang, Ling Liao Zeng

Abstract: This paper presented how to build finite element model based on UG NX, and simulated the cold expanding process by DEFORM software. The...

Authors: Bai Xiong Liu, Bao Jun Han

Abstract: The microstructure evolution during annealing in large strain deformed Fe-32%Ni alloy was investigated by transmission electron microscope...

Authors: Rui Di Li, Yu Sheng Shi, Zhi Gang Wang, Jin Hui Liu

Abstract: Selective laser melting (SLM) is an advanced manufacturing technology, which is flexible in building three-dimensional (3D) metallic parts....


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