Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Xu, Tong Min Wang, Zong Ning Chen, Jing Zhu, Zhi Qiang Cao, Ting Ju Li

Abstract: In order to obtain the non-dendritic feedstock for the semisolid forming process, a cooling slope processing was used. In this work, the...

Authors: Song Wei Gu, Hai Hao, Can Feng Fang, Shou Hua Ji, Xing Guo Zhang

Abstract: A fine grain size generally leads to improved structural uniformity of magnesium alloys. AlN has been identified as a potential grain...

Authors: Ming Li, Hai Hao, Ying De Song, Xing Guo Zhang

Abstract: Aluminum base composites with particles reinforced have high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, low density, and...

Authors: Si’an Chen, Hai Feng Hu, Chang Rui Zhang, Yu Di Zhang, Xin Bo He, Min Mei

Abstract: Chemical liquid-vapor deposition (CLVD) process is a new style of fast densification, which combines the advantages of PIP process and CVI...

Authors: Li Mei Wang, Jun Bo Liu, Chi Yuan

Abstract: In situ synthesized Fe-Cr-C-TiC high-chromium Fe-based ceramic composite coating was fabricated on substrate of Q235 steel by plasma...

Authors: Jun Bo Liu, Li Mei Wang, Jun Sheng Jiang

Abstract: Fe-Cr-C ceramic composite coating was fabricated on substrate of Q235 steel by submerged-arc welding process added alloy powder using the...

Authors: Jie Shen, Yan Song Zhang, Xin Min Lai

Abstract: Compared with the conventional low carbon steels, the expulsion is more prone to occur in resistance spot welding (RSW) of dual phase (DP)...

Authors: Qiu Yi Li, Ping Zhang, Song Gao, Hui Du

Abstract: Petroleum coke desulfuration residue, from combustion desulfuration of high sulfur petroleum coke, presents drying powdery and a favorable...

Authors: Dong Jiang Wu, Xiao Kang Liang, Qian Li, Li Jia Jiang

Abstract: Functionally gradient materials(FGMs) were successfully fabricated with compositions gradually changed from 100% stainless steel 316L to...

Authors: R. Nakamura, Toshio Haga, H. Tsuge, S. Kumai, H. Watari

Abstract: The three layers clad strip was fabricated by a tandem positioned vertical type twin roll casters. The effect of the casting conditions of...


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