Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Gang Wang, Yu Sheng Shi, Rui Di Li, Qing Song Wei, Jin Hui Liu

Abstract: Selective laser melting (SLMing) is a new advanced material processing technology which is used in fabricating parts with complex shape. Hot...

Authors: Xiang Jie Wang, Jian Zhong Cui, Qing Feng Zhu

Abstract: Low frequency electromagnetic (LFE) field was applied during the conventional hot-top casting process. Thermocouples were used to measure...

Authors: Li Dong Liu, Yu Ping Duan, Shun Hua Liu, Jing Bo Guo, Li Yang Chen

Abstract: In this paper, one thin microwave absorbing sheet employing carbonyl-iron powder (CIP) and chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) was prepared. The...

Authors: Ren Ping Wang, Y.P. Lei

Abstract: A computational analysis is achieved during laser deep penetration welding. Multiple reflection and absorption are implemented...

Authors: Lin Ding, Yu Zheng, Qian Bing Wan, Xi Bo Pei, Si Yu Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the coating of Fluoridated hydroxyapatite / Carbon nanotubes (HAF/CNTs) was generated upon titanium substrate coated by the...

Authors: Ke Qiang Xie, Zhan Liang Yu, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: In this paper, removal of iron from metallurgical grade silicon with pressure leaching is carried out. We investigated the factors such as...

Authors: Yan Qing Lu, Guo Dong Zhang, Mao Fa Jiang, Hai Xiao Liu, Ting Li

Abstract: The effects of Li2CO3 on melting temperature, viscosity, fluidity, surface tension and Al2O3 inclusion adsorption of mould flux for high...

Authors: Guo Fa Mi, Bin Feng He, Hong Yan Nan

Abstract: In this paper, the View Cast software was used in the optimization of cast-steel rear axle production. The simulation results were adopted...

Authors: Wei Hua Kuang

Abstract: A three-dimensional finite element model of hydro-drawing parabola workpieces was built in this study. By finite element analysis, the...

Authors: Qi Chang He, J.Z. Zhou

Abstract: Starting from the requirement that the principle of determinism be satisfied, two constitutive inequalities are derived for one-dimensional...


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