Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Toshio Haga, Teppei Nakamura, S. Kumai, H. Watari

Abstract: The strip casting of Al-SiCp alloy was operated by a high speed twin roll caster. The content of SiCp was 20Vol% and 30Vol%. Both of...

Authors: Marie Helene Mathon, Yann de Carlan, Sheng Yi Zhong, Jean Henry, Patrick Olier, Vincent Klosek, Vincent Ji

Abstract: Small Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) technique allows to characterize at a nanoscale the microstructure of the ferritic martensitic steels...

Authors: Shou Ming Zhang, Song Wang, Yu Lin Zhu, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: Polycarbosilane (PCS) was introduced into preforms to prepare W-ZrC cermets by reactive melt infiltration (RMI). Properties and...

Authors: Yu Ping Duan, Zhen Yu, Li Dong Liu, Shun Hua Liu

Abstract: This paper studied a new technology for producing copper cladding aluminium robs. The Horizontal Core-filling Casting equipments for...

Authors: Si Jun Zhu, Yuan Yuan Zhou, Ochi Takashi, Gang Wu

Abstract: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ultrafine fibers mats were prepared by electrospinning of an aqueous PTFE dispersion and a small amount of...

Authors: Di Wu, Shan Yao, Guang Xing Tang, Tong Yang

Abstract: The CrZrCu alloy cylindrical ingots have been tried to produce by the direct chill (DC) casting process. However crack defect is contained...

Authors: Jing Wang, Si Jing Fu, Hong Cheng

Abstract: The present work reported the preparation of TiC/Fe-based composite by the synthesis reaction from Ti, C and Fe. The sintered composites...

Authors: He Guo Zhu, Da Chu, Huan Wang, Jing Min, Ying Lu Ai

Abstract: The composite (a-Al2O3+ZrC+ZrB2)/Al has been fabricated by using exothermic dispersion synthesis. When the reinforcement volume fraction is...

Authors: Yan Wu Dong, Zhou Hua Jiang, Lian Ke Liang, Zheng Bang Li

Abstract: Behavior of hydrogen in steel during electroslag remelting process was investigated on a laboratory-scale unit. Results indicated that a...

Authors: Jian Hai Zhao, Yan Ping Lai

Abstract: High purity nanometer magnesium hydroxide is produced by impinging stream reaction crystallization method using bischofite as feedstock....


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